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Huawei Band 2 Smart Watches in Pakistan

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Huawei Band 2

Huawei Band 2 and Band 2 Pro are decent trackers you can buy. Especially, the Band 2 Pro is a high-end tracker to fulfill needs. The fitness tracker from Huawei bands family is functionally approaching professional devices. This is no longer a simple bracelet with a pedometer and alarm clock, and a gadget with GPS, 24-hour pulse monitoring and the ability to dive up to 50 meters in addition to tracking sleep and notifications from the smartphone. Whether this device is suitable for the amateur athlete and whether he is able to replace professional sports gadgets, you should care? Does it beat Samsung bands and Apple watches?


  • Colors: Black, Blue, Orange
  • Display: 0.91-inches PMOLED, 128x32 pixels
  • Battery: 100 mah
  • Fast charging: Yes, charging time 1.5 hours
  • Battery life: 21 days
  • Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.2
  • GPS: Supported
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, infrared sensor

Design and performance

Huawei Band 2 Pro exists in three colors-black, blue and bright orange. The bracelet looks simple but quite fits into modern trends, a plastic capsule with a PMOLED-display with a size of 0.91 inches and a touch button is complemented with a silicone strap with adjustable clasp. Quite convenient, by the way, it can be tightly tightened around the wrist of any width. The monochrome display does not have to wait for a wonderful picture, but it consumes little energy and shows sufficient brightness for use in all conditions. The menu at Huawei Band 2 Pro is the most common, linear. The interface is managed by a single touch button that turns screens with modes and a long one to launch them. If you hold the button on the screen with the image of a sneaker, the bracelet will show the details of daily activity: calories, distance, duration of activity and percentage of the executed norm. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

You can change the order of the screens or remove any of them (except the clock) in the settings of the Huawei Wear application. By default, the interface has seven menu items: Clock, current pedometer data, pulse, run, bike, swimming and respiratory activity. Nice little thing: the bracelet supports gesture control. There are only two of them: activating the screen when the wrist is raised and switching menu items by turning the hand.


In addition to the accelerometer and gadget received a built-in GPS module. It springs it with professional devices for running and other sports in which it is necessary to track the route, speed, and distance. Start the workout mode (there are three options-jogging, biking and walking) will be as from the bracelet, scrolling the screens to the desired mode and holding the main button for a couple of seconds, and from the application Huawei Health, clicking "Start Training" and selecting the desired view Activity. The machine turns on GPS (can be turned off), and the screen displays the route, the duration of jogging, calories, tempo, and distance.

The training mode in the pool is activated a little more difficult by double-tapping knuckles on the screen and during the lesson shows the time, distance and burnt calories. The number of strokes, pools and especially the recognition of style is not provided. In general, swimming in this bracelet is more for a tick, but with the run of the case is more serious: the application has a function "built-in trainer", which is the program of preparation for a certain date of the competition. How does it work? You need to choose the distance, the number of training and the date of the competition and the application will schedule classes with a certain distance and intensity, and then will mark the past and count the days before the date x.

One of the modes of the bracelet is "breathing". This is a strange but curious mode when activated, the device prompts the user for a few minutes to focus on deep breaths and exhalation. The bracelet sets the tempo and shows the animated hints, and at the end, it evaluates the result on the scale. These exercises are designed to relax and increase concentration, something like meditation. Relax and breathe, looking at the display of the gadget-perhaps, this is what the dream training looks like.

There are two programs for Huawei Band 2 Pro. Similar to other smartwatches, the first is Huawei Wear, which allows you to work with different notifications, alarms, and their exact settings. On the main screen of this application a small widget displays a brief summary of activity for the day-statistics on the steps, calories and distance traveled, but no more. All the details can be found in the second application-Huawei Health. Here the data from all sensors are displayed with a tape with different indicators, from the pedometer to heart.

The features of the smart bracelet in Huawei Band 2 Pro are implemented in a standard volume and include notifications of messages and incoming calls, accompanied by a pleasant vibration. It is possible to display notifications from any program installed on the smartphone, even with the calculator.

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