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Allview Allwatch S Smart Watches in Pakistan

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Allview Allwatch S Price in Pakistan

Allwatch is the intelligent watch under the brand, the smartwatches somehow entered a shadow cone, they did not prove to have great traction to the public. However, I have seen among my pupils that more and more are using a budget solution from this niche, an opening exists and not just here, except that we do not have a product category that repeats the frenzy behind smartphones. In the package of the smartwatch, three-pin magnetic charging cable, warranty certificate. The Allview Allwatch has a metallic body and a black silicone strap, it is even tiny to the dimensions of 39 x 31 mm at length and width, the thickness ascending to 8.5 mm. The 1.28 inch Display is monochrome and recognizes touch gestures. Allwatch's first start was done by connecting the cable from the package to a power supply. It has no charger in the package, but you can power it from your laptop, PC's USB, etc.

Allview watch is useful

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. By its size you can consider it a small toy. I noticed that Allview sells straps that fit to Allwatch, for large leather strap, green leather or dark brown skin. It is good that they were not limited to a single variant and would not be damaged as a package in addition to the black plastic strap to find a skin. Don't bother your hand, don't feel it becoming hard to use long. It has no physical control on the side, recognizes touch gestures on the 1.28 inch display. When rotated it illuminates, but slightly, almost unusable in dark spaces. We have a rectangular screen, a design that reminds a little of all of Samsung Watch, I repeat the sentence – a little bit. It's not a scale clone of the company's smartwatch.

The metal casing made of stainless steel inspires the idea of resistance, solidity. The heart rate monitor is at the bottom, and there are pins that allow the battery to charge. To be appreciated would be the IP67 certification, not afraid of contact with water, nor in total immersion. 1.28 inch monochrome BW LCD Memory with 128 × 128 pixel resolution – you can't set the brightness, display intensity. It's an illuminated display, but in the dark I find it unusable, too weak to see anything. The pinnacle is that he's doing flawlessly under the action of the Rays of the sun, in the style of Vector Watch. Else there would be no comment on the edge of the screen. We have a touchscreen, not too quick to take orders and require some time to habit. It's not as prompt as a conventional touch display, but it does its job. It has no built-in speaker, but it has a vibration engine (when you receive calls, various notifications, alarms). Warns you that you have road notifications and invites you to visualize them on the screen. A diffuser would have been useful when you wanted to turn it into an ad hoc headset so you could take your calls directly to the clock.

Hardware and interface

It uses the dual-core M0 Nordic 51822 processor developed by MediaTek specifically for wearable products. We don't need who knows what processing power (monochrome display, missing app Store to increase its functionality). It's compatible with smartphones, and to use it, you need to download the Allwatch app from Google Play. The initial settings are quite simple, require an account to be activated and the data retrieval and synchronization is a step away. In your account you can specify some personal data to help the device in doing various calculations (weight, height, lifestyle, etc.). When you open the app, the synchronization is done in the background. On the start screen in the app are data related to calories consumed, smartwatch energy level, steps + distance, sleep details, alarms and information related to measurements made with the heart rate monitoring sensor. I can't say that I particularly liked the interface, but neither is bad. I would also see the optimization site, especially on the display of data history recorded on various segments. The Allview clock has touch control and a minimalist interface. On the Start screen, the time and date are displayed, the battery level. By swipe down you have access to the number of steps, calories consumed and activation of the sensor for heart rate. By swipe from left to right, navigate through messages, the ability to start a workout, other settings. In each category you can activate a submenu by swipe down. There's not much to tell in this chapter. We have Bluetooth 4.0, heart rate sensor and the connector that allows you to recharge the battery. Bluetooth + dedicated app is retrieved data on smartphone, and there you see various stats.

The Allview website specifies that it goes to 7 days. We have a monochrome display, permanently activated, without strong illumination. I'd say it resists right over this value, to a medium use touch in around 10 days. With 1 – 2 synchronisation of data made daily. Allview Allwatch I consider it to be a minimalist design watch with smart package functions. It's more than just a clock, but I wouldn't necessarily fit it among the smartwatches, somehow when switching between clocks and smartwatches. Rather I see it recommended for those who want to know data related to the activity carried out over the day, a simple product to use, quite well manufactured. I don't necessarily consider it smartwatch because its functionality is not expanded by a dedicated app store. You have to thank yourself with what you are offering by default.

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