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United  US 70 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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United US 70 bike in Pakistan

United motorcycles in Pakistan are the second largest motorbike manufacturer market.They entered the market with a vision to provide quality products.The key features of company involve characteristic like integrity, Excellence, Respect, Enablers, Empowerment and societal.United motorcycle is aimed to develop a confidence level in their customer from a better customer service relationship.United motors are paying attention staff training as well so that they can develop a strong network and relationship with their customers.United motorcycles are aimed to provide benchmarks for production of quality products and currently, they are operational in every segment of Pakistani motorbike industry for example to compete 70 cc segment United motorcycles have introduced their United US 70 2018 in Pakistan. with an unbeatable lowest price.After the 70 cc segment, United industries introduced their 80 cc bikes for girls by the name of United 80 cc Scooty.Moving forward United industries introduced there three 100 cc products one is their United 100 cc and Jazba 100 cc bike and a 100 cc scooty as well.Last but not the least United has also introduced their United 150 cc bike.

Background and roadway to success

United motorcycles started their journey back in 1999 and they formed their office near Kot Radha Kishan near Bhai Pheru, Multan road.United group is basically involved in many other private investments as well.But in the sector of local assembled manufactured bikes, they entered after 1999 when people in Pakistan switched towards innovation and technology and started surfing for new and reasonable products in the market.United bike is not only involved in the manufacture of bikes but along with that, they are also forming United bikes for special persons, loader Rikshaws, Passenger vans and commercially used loader with a pairing of 100,150 and even 200 cc bike.United company is aimed to provide a better dealer network and focuses on the quick delivery of their products so that one has to weigh longer to get their desired product.The senior management at United motor owns their team and is focused to train their employees for a better customer service.They believe that employees are the main source for a company so they keep on training them for betterment.United motorcycles are making use of new technologies so that people of Pakistan should be able to get familiar with new products and trends in the international market.Their manufacture and assembling are approved trough Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

Specs and features of United US 70 bike in Pakistan

One of the pioneer products from United motor is their 4 strokes single cylinder air cooled engine and named it United US 70 2018. United US 70 together with multi

Wet type plate has a 4 gear transmission can produce a displacement of 70 ccs. United US 70 bike has a kick starter system and locks for side covers as well.United US 70 bike is decorated with a stylish speedometer which compliments the look of the bike.United motors have given an special attention to the design of their speed as it is very necessary that seats should be comfortable so that one can travel on a long route as well.Keeping in view the current condition of roads in Pakistan United motorbikes have used powerful shocks so that they can sustain the pressure while moving through bumps in the road.United US 70 2018 has an average mileage of 50 km per litre.United US 70 2018 has a fuel tank of capacity 9.2 litres at a time out of which 1.5-liter capacity is for reserve. United US 70 bike price in Pakistan is expected to be 38,000 which is very reasonable as compared to other bikes with same engine specifications.We through our website do not guarantee the accuracy of information but we try our level best to provide maximum accurate information minor changes in specifications can be there depending on models.

Rivals and Final Verdict

United US 70 2018 has successfully captured Pakistani market during the last two decades and today they are among the number two selling the brand in Pakistan as currently, they are producing 45,000 units per year.They have given a tough competition to Honda CD 70 2018 and Metro MR 70, Ravi Humsafar 70 2018, Road prince RP 2018 in Pakistan in spite of their same engine specifications all these bikes have different average mileage.United US 70 2018 has also established its reputation because of offering their bike on lowest price in Pakistan.

As per their reviews from customers, they have appreciated the effort of United motorcycles but some of the customers have reported complain regarding average build quality of body parts and some f they have shown dissatisfaction from design.United motors have taken a notice to these agendas and it is expected that in coming future United motorcycles will definitely overcome these complaints as to the United group customers feedback is very important and they try to satisfy them.


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