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United  US 100 Motor Bikes in Pakistan


United US 100 bike in Pakistan

United motorcycles which are Pakistan’s second largest is here to introduce there United 100 cc bike 2018 for their all those valued and potential customers who want to own a 100 cc bike within a reasonable price.During the last decade in Pakistan revolutionary changes have occurred in Pakistani automotive industry among those changes one is increase tendency in Pakistani public towards buying Chinese manufactured bikes and this has been a major cause for success of United motorbikes in Pakistan during after Honda bikes now United has the highest sales the reason being the quality of product, secondly their reasonable price and a major factor for their increased sale is their variety and innovation.For example for the 70 cc segment United motorbikes have introduced their United US 70 which has the minimum price in Pakistani market.With increases modernization in the country, a large number of girls need their own transportation keeping in view their need United motors have introduced their scooties the first one is United 80 cc scooty and the second one for those who like to ride fast United have introduced their United 100 cc scooty.In order to create competition and variety in their 100 ccs, they have also offered United Jazba 100 cc.Then for their 125 segments, they have offered two varieties United US 125 and United US 125 Deluxe with competitive prices.With increased interest in sports biking United have also offered their United US 150 .which is one of stylish and fully equipped bike powered by the company.

Background and a roadway to success

United motorcycles started their career in Pakistan in 1999 and offered their first 4 strokes 70 cc bike.It was a time in Pakistan when people hardly bothersome Chinese product in Pakistani industry so one can understand how hard it would have been for the company to survive at that time but It was the true determination and motivation of companys director who keep on sustaining and today they own a large factory on Multan road with a production of more than 45,000products per year.With the success and appreciation from the market, United industries offered other range of like they are offering a variety of loader rikshaws for commercial and passenger use in the market.A unique effort by United motors is their motorbike for the special person.Along with the motorbikes United group is also involved in many other segments as well.But their future in motorcycle industries seems very bright especially due to the fact that they pay a lot of attention to their staff they always

Arrange training session and try to develop a better customer and staff relationship.They work with values like integrity, Empowerment, Excellence so you can imagine when a company is oriented towards these high values then you can not doubt their products.

Specs and Features of United 100 cc bike 2018 in Pakistan

In this era of competition everyone wants to own a strong quality product but with reasonable price keeping in mind, this two requirement of locals of Pakistan United has offered their new and innovative United US 100 2018 bike.United US 100 2018

Is powered by a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with a displacement of 100 ccs at a time.United US 100 2018 has multi wet type clutch with 4 gear mesh transmission.United motorcycles have offered their United US 100 CC in kickstart and have followed the traditional motorbike style for it.A 

 sufficient fuel tank of capacity 9 litres and attractive graphics on United US 100 bike add-on to its value.Colourful fender and chrome cylinder United US 100 bike compliment it and enhance its look.Currently, United motors have offered Black and Red colour in their US 100 bike.A net weight of United US 100 bike 2018 is 98 kg that helps to maintain the balance of bike on road.United motors have paid attention to the design of the seat and have tried level best to make seat comfortable both for the driver and rider.Interestingly United US 100 cc bike price is Pakistan is only 44,000 which is very competitive as compare too any other 100 cc bike in the market.

Rivals and Final Verdict

United US 100 bike has proven a tough rival for 100 cc segment and it has reduced the sale of other companies 100 bikes to a great extinct.The general rivals are Honda Pridor 100 2018 and Power PK 110 CCCheetah 2018.If we make a price comparison of all these bikes we will notice that United us 100 bike is almost half the price of these bikes so obviously a middle class will notice it.

If we see towards the darker side so as per the reviews from the user they have reported a low fuel economy complain and less number of service centres as well.A demand from the public towards increasing the exterior look of the body has also been reported.

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