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United  Jazba 100cc Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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United US Jazba 100 bike in Pakistan

United motorcycles have started their career back in 1999 and within a short span of 19 years today they are standing on the front row with the title of Pakistans second largest selling motorbike brands in Pakistan.United motors entered with a vision to provide quality, innovation and keeping in view the pocket of average Pakistani.United has been successful in their aim we can see from their average production that is 45,000 unit per year.Keeping in view the latest trends in the automotive industry it's not easy to introduce one product in a segment.People are always looking for variety United have introduced it is United US Jazba 100 along with its United US 100 with the difference in design and price to satisfy their potential customers.United motorcycles have given a tough competition to its rival in every segment like for 125 cc segment they have also introduced two varieties one is United US 125 and United 125 deluxe bike.United motorbike is the only brand in Pakistan who has kept in view the demands of Pakistani working women and has offered two varieties in scooties as well for the beginners they have introduced United US 80 cc scooty and for those who are a fan of fast rides United US 100 cc scooty in Pakistan.

Background and a bright way to success

Not long ago if we just go back 15 years in Pakistan industry we will notice sickness towards Specific brands like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki but after 2000 people in Pakistan changed their mindset and switched towards innovation and new technology along with reasonable price.United motorcycles with a vision of providing an excellent product at reasonable price entered the market with heir their first 4 strokes 70 cc bike which is nowadays known as United US 70 cc bike in Pakistan.And today they are offering the least price for a new 70 cc bike in Pakistan.United motorcycles industries have formed their name in the market with a plant on Multan road near Lahore.United motorcycles Director believe on rapid development while keeping in view the moralities like Integrity, Excellence, Empowerment and satisfaction of their customers.They are currently involved in the manufacture of many products like passenger vans open rikshaws and loader as well all of them are available with 70,100,150 and 200 ccs as well and in a competitive price as well.A famous a renowned product offered by United motorcycle is their motorbike for special persons and the scooties for girls.These two products have contributed a lot in the development of their reputation.United motors are also interested in the production of heavy bikes and cars as well in their bikes industry their United US 150 cc is an attempt of stylish sporty style bike lets see in coming future how much more they will serve this nation by their endless efforts.

Specs and features of United US Jazba 100 cc 2018 bike in Pakistan

A good news for all those who are looking for buying a stylish sporty 100 cc bike with economical price in Pakistan United has offered their all-new fully equipped United US Jazba 100 2018.United industries have given a new design and stylish shape to their new US Jazba 2018 bike in Pakistan.United Us Jazba 100 bike is powered with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with the displacement of 100 ccs.United has equipped the United US Jazba 2018 cc bike with a muti wet type clutch plate and has a 4 gear transmission.Currently, United US Jazba 2018 100 bike has a kick-start mode and a capacity of 12-litre fuel at a time.United motorcycles have changed the design of United US jAZBA 2018 bike as compared to last year model and have given it an elegant look stylish graphics on fuel tank side covers and interestingly they have changed the seat colour as well.United US Jazba 100 has a comfortable seat design as compared to the previous United US 2017 Jazba.A colourful fender at the front and stylish tail led backlight have paid an important role in the design of United US 2018 Jazba bike and currently, it is available in two colours Black and Red.

Rivals and Final Verdict

United US Jazba 100 2018 bike has given a tough time to other 100 cc bikes in Pakistan especially to DYL Junoon 2017 bike in Pakistan.In spite of same engine specification and these two bikes have a major difference in their prices and for an average middle-income person it d matters.As the price United US Jazba, 100 cc bike in Pakistan is only 55,000 while that of other one is 72,500.

If we talk about the drawbacks of United Us Jazba 100 then as per the reviews an average build quality issue has been reported by the users and lack of competent mechanics as well but it is expected that in coming future company will overcome these lacks.

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