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United 80cc Scooty Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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United Plus 80cc Scooty in Pakistan

United motorcycle is a name which hardly anyone in Pakistan does not know one of the leading motorbike manufacture company who has established them within a short span of only 19 years.They were the one who started there manufacture of Chinese bike in Pakistan when people were not ready to take a chance but with the passage of time and constant effort today they are Pakistan’s second largest selling motorbike company.United motorcycles have capture market by offering the wide variety of Products with reasonable price in the market.Like if we check their 100 cc segment we will come to know that United motorcycle has offered their United US 100 bike and United US 100 cc Jazba 2018 with unbeatable price in the market.Then if we just have a look at 125 segments then their both products United US 125 cc bike and United US 125 Deluxe bike with all latest feature and specification that any 125  cc bike can have but their prices are very competitive.And the most appreciating effort by United motors is their sccoties that have made the life of females in Pakistan very comfortable they have introduced their all-new United Plus 80 cc scooty in Pakistan for the beginner riders and those who are trained they have offered United US 100 cc scooty in Pakistan.

Background and a bright future

United motors started with a vision to introduce new technology and products and change the traditional set up of bikes in Pakistan.They initiated with the production of first 70 cc4 stroke bikes which is nowadays called as their United US 70 cc bike and with their growth and appreciation from the market today they are successful and they are introducing the wide range of variety as per the demand of the customer.Currently, United motorcycles are involved in the production of bikes scooties along with that they are offering Rickshaws and loaders for commercial as well as personal use paired with 100cc,150cc and 200 cc bike so that they can tough heavy load and survive.The most prominent quality of United motor is that they own their customers as well as their staff that is why they always plan staff training to develop a better relationship with their two major assets.United motorcycles today own a large factory on Multan road Lahore where they have a production of around 45,000 bikes per year.An undeniable proof of their success.As per the rumours it is expected that in coming future United motorcycles will enter in heavy bike segment as well as their United  US 150 cc bike is a pioneering level sporty bike.

Specs and Features of United Plus 80 cc scooty 2018 in Pakistan

A pleasing news for all the working and students of Pakistan who was bound for their transportation and was not able to afford a car.United motors have taken notice of their problem and have introduced a fully equipped and stylish product by the name of United Plus 80cc scooty 2018.United has powered their United Plus 80 cc scooty with a 4 stroke single cylinder force cooled engine that can produce a displacement of 80 ccs.As this scooty is specially designed for the females so United plus 80 cc scooty has an auto clutch and gear transmission so that females can handle and operate it easily.United Plus 80 cc bike has an appealing and comfortable design that has the proper place for the foot as well.United Plus 80cc Scooty has beautiful colours like green, white and back combination and the second one is a combination of pink and black perfect colours for girls.United plus 80 cc 2018 has a fuel gauge indicator to avoid you from any kind of inconvenience.United scooty has an electric start and a stand at the centre which supports the bike to stand properly.United plus 80 ccs 2018 has alloy rims that help to sustain on bumps and with the combination of tubeless tire, they help you to avoid any sudden problem.A comfortable ride is not possible without security and United plus 80cc scooty 2018 has been made perfectly secured with the use of disc brakes both in the front and rear wheel.United plus 80 cc price is Pakistan is very reasonable and it is available for only a price of Rs 90,000.

Final Verdict

United Plus 80cc scooty is a different product of its type in Pakistan with a competitive Price and it is expected that united scooty will help to develop a better reputation of United motors in Pakistan as they are offering.

As per the reviews from the user united scooty average resale price in Pakistan is less and as it is a new and different product so there are problems relevant to the availability of spare parts and service centres are also not easily available.But women have appreciated the effort by United motors as their United plus 80 ccs scooty 2018 has reduced their dependency. 

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