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Unique Bikes UD70 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Unique UD70cc bike in Pakistan

Unique motorbikes in Pakistan is one of leading emerging motorbikes in the market which are involved in the manufacture and assembling of Chinese bikes in Pakistan.The unique company entered the market with the sole aim of being future market leaders with the production of quality products in the market and at reasonable prices as well.The unique group of companies has researched on the latest trends in the market and then they introduced their products so that their products can match up the high-quality products already available in the market so that they can win the trust of their customers and stakeholders as well.Keeping in view the trends of the market Unique company have offered one model for each segment of motorbikes and as per the reviews they have received appreciation from the market as well.Unique motors have introduced their UD70 2018 or Unique 70 cc bike in the market.Then in order to strive in 100 ccs segment, the Unique company have introduced they're all new stylish and innovative sporty looking Unique UD100 CC bike. The story does not end here and company have already entered in 125 segments with the introduction of their Unique UD 125 bike.Last but not the least a very innovative and stylish product from the Unique company its fully equipped with new specification and features Unique Crazer UD 125 bike in Pakistan.

Background and a roadway to success

Unique motorcycles are owned by D.S motors who entered with a vision to become its leader in the production of quality products.The plant of the company is basically near the fertile valley of Indus in Hyderabad where they started their production with their first 70 cc product by the name of UD70 on a very reasonable price in the market as compared to other 70 cc bikes in Pakistan. Currently, the Unique group of companies have entered into a wide range of sectors along with the manufacture of motorcycles with increasing demands and usage of Loader and passenger vans in Pakistan.Unique is offering a wide variety of it with the affordable price range.Then keeping view the current status of electricity in Pakistan they are involved in the manufacture of generators as well. And with the increased use of loaders in Pakistan they are also involved in the production of commercial loaders as well.Their success in the market can be noticed that they are involved the export as well.Currently, they are sending their products to Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri lanks Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well.In the coming future company has a bright future as they have achieved the trust of their valued customers and stakeholders and today they are standing in the front row Chinese motorbike manufacturer in Pakistan.

Specs and features of UD70 2018 in Pakistan

A good news for all those who are looking to buy a quality 70 cc bike and don’t have much to spend as Unique value your emotions and tend to provide a product in your budget they have introduced their unique 70cc bike in Pakistan.UD70 2018 is equipped with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine that can produce a displacement of 70 ccs.Together with a combination of multi wet plate, Unique UD 70 2018 has a 4 gear transmission.Unique has followed a traditional bike design in its Unique UD 70 2018 and has paid special attention to the design of the bike.They have tried their level best to make their Unique UD 70 2018 bike very comfortable.Currently, the Unique company is offering Black and red colour on its UD 70 bike.A combination of colourful and appealing graphics on the fuel tank and side cover of Unique UD 70 2018 compliments the looks as compared to other 70 cc bikes on the road.As compared to other 70 cc bikes in the market its average mileage is excellent and will not let you repent on your decision.UD 70 2018 has an average fuel tank of capacity 9 litres.A colourful fender at the front and stylish light at the back compliments the look of UD 70 2018 bike in Pakistan.We through our website d not guarantee 100 percent accuracy but we try our level best to provide maximum correct information but the difference in information may vary due to the difference in model and availability.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Unique UD 70 2018 has proven a tough competition for many products in the market.The general rivals for these products in the market are RAVI HUMSAFAR 2018, Road prince RP passion 70 ccs 2018 and Superpower SP 70 2018 in Pakistan. All these bikes have almost the same engine specifications but they have different average mileage depending on that they are competing.If we compare even price wise we will notice that the price of UD 70 2018 in Pakistan is only 44,000 which is very competitive.

Still yet as per the reviews of the owner of UD 70, there have been issues relevant to unavailability of company-operated service centres they are not easily available.The company is working on this issue and it is expected soon it will be sorted out.

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