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Unique Bikes UD100 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Unique UD100 bike in Pakistan

Unique UD 100 is a new and innovative product introduced by D.S motors dated back in 2004.D.S motor entered in the market with the introduction of quality products with in reasonable price.I f we look into the past of Pakistan industry we will notice that people were oriented to some specific brands and they were not ready to take a chance with the new companies but during the last decade a change in trend has been observed and people are ready to accept new variety keeping in view Unique motorcycles were introduced by D.S motors in 2004.The company has introduced a lot of products but in the sector of motorcycle for every segment, they have introduced particular innovative products.For competing in 70 cc segment Unique motorcycles introduced their Unique UD 70 cc a quality product with reasonable price in the market as compared to another brand 70 cc bike.Then in order to see 100 cc segment D.S motors offered their Unique UD 100 CC .D.s motor did not stop here and introduced their 125 cc bike which has a Unique UD 125 cc bike and last but not the least their impressively stylish product Unique Crazer UD 150 cc bike in Pakistan.

Background and Future Plans

D. S motor started their operation in Pakistan in 2004 and started introducing their products in Pakistan.They have entered in many segments their services are not only limited to the production of bikes but along with that, they are also offering loaders in Pakistan.Then they are offering a wide range of passenger van as well with large capacity along with that keeping in view the condition of electricity in Pakistan they are also involved in the manufacture of generators.Unique motor is not only serving Pakistani nation but with in a short span of time their success stories have surpassed the boundary of Pakistan and they are exporting their products to countries like Bangladesh,Sri lanka ,Kenya,Saudi Arabia and Egypt where they are involved in the expansion of their business as well they are developing the reputation of Pakistani nation and winning the trust of other nations for the country.D.S motor originated with the to develop quality product with controlled price and to win the trust of their customers and during the last few years their success story visualizes that they are successful at attaining it.

Specification and Features of Unique UD100 bike in Pakistan

The unique group is highly oriented towards the innovation and technology and keeping in view the demand of local public in Pakistan they have introduced their all-new Unique UD 100 CC bike in Pakistan.Unique UD 100 cc 2018 is powered with a 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder that can produce a displacement of 100 ccs at a time.Unique has offered their UD 100 cc bike equipped with multi wet plate mesh with 4 gear transmission.Keeping in view the interest of local customers unique has tried t give an aggressive sporty look to their UD 100 CC 2018 bike.Currently, Ud 100 cc 2018 model is available in black and red colour with extraordinary appealing graphics on the fuel tank.The fuel tank of Unique UD 100 2018 has a capacity of 10 litres and has an electric and kick both transmissions.While coming towards the major interest of public the average mileage so as per the Unique UD reviews from users of and from the company both claims that it can provide an average mileage of 50 km per litre which is among major reason for success in Pakistan.If you just have a look at he the tires of Unique UD 100 2018 bike you will notice that it's very different and unique from the name it self.A large stylish headlight and a sharp backlight both contribute to adding on the looks of Unique UD 100 2018.We through our website try our level best not to commit any mistake but the minor difference in specs can be there depending on availability of model.Unique UD 100 2018 Price in Pakistan is only 85,500 which is reasonable as compared to the quality company is offering.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Unique has offered a quality product in its segment and its product is accepted by the market as well.Unique Ud 100 2018 has appeared rivals to Honda Pridor 2018 which is available for 88,000 in the market.If we make a comparison of Unique UD 100 2018 then they almost have same engine specification and price range as well.But as per Unique Ud 100 reviews, Unique is better because of it heavy in weight and it helps to maintain balance on the road and let the rider enjoy a sharp cut.Secondly, many customers reviews were that Unique UD 100 bike 2018 is more stylish as compared to other available products.The only lack which has appeared during the last time involves its low-quality spare parts and as a new product in the market currently it has an average resale value.which will definitely increase with time.


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