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Unique Bikes Crazer UD 150 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Crazer UD 150 by Unique in Pakistan

Unique motorcycles are standing in the front row of Pakistani companies who are involved in the manufacture and assembling of Chinese bikes.The unique group of companies which are owned by D.S motors in Pakistan entered in Pakistani automotive industry after noticing a tendency of Pakistani public towards Chinese bike.The company entered with a mission to provide the quality product and appear as the future market leaders of Pakistani industry.Unique ordered in the market with full preparation and in order to compete 70 cc segment they introduced their Unique UD70 cc bike with a reasonable price in the market. Then in order to introduce innovation in 100 cc segment and for sports bike lovers, Unique introduced its Unique UD 100 2018 bike in Pakistan.Unique motorcycles did not leave behind in any segment for 125 cc segment they have introduced their 125 bikes Unique UD 125 cc bike.For the fans of sports bikers, Unique has introduced their Unique Crazer UD 150 cc segment a bike equipped with all new features.

Background and a roadway to success

The unique group of companies has established their name in the sector of bikes especially in Pakistani industry they entered in the with a vision that they should provide products on reasonable price in the market so that everyone may be able to buy his own transportation.The company is on a way t its mission and have successfully attained the confidence f their stakeholders and valued customers as well.Unique companies have not stopped their progress to the development of bikes they have now involved in the manufacture of loaders as well as passenger vans in Pakistan.D.S motors are also offering loader Vans for commercial sake in Pakistan.As per the fluctuating status of electricity in Pakistan Unique motorcycles have offered their generators as well.Their success story and quality can be observed by so that their products are now exported as well worldwide and people are demanding their products in countries like Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Egypt as well.It seems that in the coming future we will be able to see Unique motorcycles in heavy bike industry as well because there are working on those technologies.

Specs and Features of Unique Crazer UD 150 2018 in Pakistan

Unique has introduced their all new and fully equipped 150cc bike in Pakistani market by the name of unique crazer UD 150.A quality product equipped with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine and is able to produce a displacement of 125 ccs.Together with the combination of multi wet type plate Unique Crazer UD-150 2018 has a 5 gear transmission. Unique Crazer Bike 2018has been given an extraordinarily stylish and sporty which has been highly appreciated by the youth of Pakistan because of their attractive colours and stylish features as well.Unique Crazer UD 150 bike has an electric and kicks start mode as well.Unique has used Unique Crazer UD 150 2018 has a digital motor and self-start motor.Unique has used powerful shocks so that their stylish looking sporty bikes can sustain the pressure while passing through bumps of Pakistani roads.Unique Crazer UD 150 2018 has strong alloy rims instead of tires that can help the driver on strong roads of Pakistan.Unique Crazer UD 150 2018 has disc brakes both in the front and rear wheel which will let you drive fast comfortably with a confidence that you can stop anywhere.Unique as per the name has introduced a unique feature in its bike and have introduced the variety of colours like a combination of red, white and blue, then Black and green combination, blue and black.Colourful fender with black muffler exhaust adds on to the looks of Unique Crazer UD 150 CC bike.The net weight of Unique Crazer UD 150 is almost 135 kg that helps to maintain the balance of bike on the road while cutting sharp turns.A stylish headlight with a fuel tank of the capacity of 12 litres and extraordinary graphics on the fuel tank compliment the looks of Unique Crazer UD 150 2018 in Pakistan.The price of this extraordinary stylish sporty bike in Pakistan is only 1,72,000.We through our website try to provide maximum correct information but to err is human but there can be minor changes in specifications depending on models.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Unique Crazer UD 150 2018 is giving a tough time to its rivals like Honda CB150F 2018 and Road prince RP we go 2018 in Pakistan.These all three bikes in Pakistan have almost same specifications but if you make their price comparison you will notice that Unique Crazer UD 150 2018 is available in Pakistan in a very competitive price and out of all three bikes only Unique Crazer UD 150 has both front and rear disc brakes.

As per the reviews about Unique Crazer UD 150, they have appreciated the effort of the company for offering such a versatile product.Some user has reviews that the quality of parts should be improved and company should establish more service centres as well.The unique group is working on both issues and hopefully, they will overcome these lacks in coming future.


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