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Union Star Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Union star bikes in Pakistan

With the rapid advancement of the motorbikes, industry a lot of companies have indulged themselves in the manufacture of motorbikes among all of the Union Star.It is manufactured and assembled in Karachi.The company has taken the initiative with an introduction of few products like their Union Star US CD 70 and currently, Union stars US CD 70 automatic.Currently, there are working to improve quality of their these to products.If you want to buy any of these models then we will suggest you visit our website where you can find all specifications and features of Union star bikes and you can get all the required information as well.


During the past two decades, a large number of companies have started manufacturing motorbikes.Union star is one among those companies which are merged with some Chinese company and are assembling in Pakistan.Initially, Union star bikes introduced it 70 cc bike which was similar to many other 70 cc bikes in the company, But after receiving appreciation from the success Union star tended to move a step further with the introduction of its automatic bike at the end of the year 2017.As every one like change and innovation keeping this in view Union star introduced its automatic bike.Before taking any final decision we will recommend you to visit our website so that you may take a wise decision.

Specs and features of Union star 70 cc

Union star 70 cc is a bike with a 4 stroke single air-cooled cylinder and provide its rider with a displacement of 70 ccs.This bike is designed according to the requirement of Pakistan’s local public and is able to sustain the pressure of Pakistan’s bumpy roads.Union star 70 cc has a manual 4 gear kick start mode and has a transmission of a kick start.Its shocks are designed o sustain heavy loads and seat is arranged to comfort healthy persons as well.It is equipped with modern technology.Eye-catching graphics on the fuel tank and is available in a variety of colours like red, green and black.It is designed with a stylish fuel indicator and provides an extraordinary fuel economy.It has a petrol capacity of 9 litres and all these things are available for the only price of RS/-44000 that is an extraordinarily competitive price as compared to its rivals in the market.

Specs and features of Union Star US CD 70 Automatic

After the success of their Union star Us CD 70 self starter the Union star company thought of introducing a new and innovative product like an automatic bike which will be a new innovation for industry Before this only superpower introduced a scooty that was without gear and it was

highly appreciated Union Star took an inspiration from the idea and moved towards introducing it new 70 ccs fully automatic bike.This electric start motorbike has a 4 stroke single cylinder with air cooled and provides a displacement of 70 ccs.This the best opportunity for those who want to

Own a new bike and don’t know how to drive a motorbike.Because the change of gear is the biggest issue for new drivers.This variant of Union star motorbikes in Pakistan is introduced with a number of attractions like Blue and Green, Black and green and with extraordinary appealing features on the fuel tank.Its core features involve dipper and a kill switch and this Union stars US CD 70 also has a fuel indicator.These are some characteristics that have made this product from Union star appealing and different from other available products in the market.


As it is a new company in products so there are few lacks and issues with the product as well.The highlighted among these issues is it spare parts they are not easily available in the market.Union star bikes especially the automatic one it has a different system without clutches so there are less trained persons available for repairing of these bikes.

But before taking any final decision if you are interested to buy any of Union Star motorbike in Pakistan then we will recommend you to first visit our website, where you can find all the detailed specifications, features, available colours and you can also get information about dealers who are dealing with Union star motorbikes.You can have a check of the price of Union star motorbikes and last but not the least we will recommend you to make a comparison of Union star motorbike with other available market products in the market and choose a product that suits to you and your pocket as well.You can also find the latest updated prices of Union star motorbikes 2018 models through our website.So that you won't have any regret after taking a decision.


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