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Treet Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Treet motorbikes in Pakistan

Treet bikes working under the umbrella of Ali group of companies.They have recently entered in the motorbike industry.By introducing their Treet Euro II TR 70, Treet TR 100, Treet Don Big 70, Treet Digital Edition and Treet TR 70 Self Start.

The company has introduced currently only these models by maintaining competitive market prices.If you are interested to know about the products of Treet corporation limited.Then you are invited to visit our website where you can find the detail specifications and features of Treet bikes.You can also check their prices along with the pictures as well and choose the best option according to your demand and within the budget.

Background and Vision Treet bikes

Treet corporation is almost as old as the Pakistan history is.They are currently in a number of industries like blade and razors manufacturers, ICI insurance company established since 1953 and a lot of other industries as well.Treet bike group had a dream and vision to provide their value customer with a mean of transportation that should be efficient and should provide an excellent mileage with fuel economy as well.Keeping in view their motivation they introduce a number of models in 70 cc and 100 ccs with a positive response from the market Treet bikes will continue to offer more product in the coming years.Let’s have a brief overview of bikes offered by Treet group.Although the company has a number of positive points there are some lacks as well which include the low-quality products, lack of spare parts then service stations.

Specs and Features of Treet Euro II TR 70

Treet bikes have recently introduced their 70 cc motorbike with the latest technology of Euro II engine.This motorcycle has an aerodynamic look with extraordinary bright and colourful graphics on the fuel tank and on the side covers as well.Treet Euro II TR 70 has a comfortable seat with a backbone frame to support its riders bike.The price for this model is RS 44000.that makes it quite competitive as compared to other companies bikes like Power PK 70, Super Star 70 and others as well.Treet Euro II 70 cc provide an average mileage of almost 30-50 km per litre.

Specs and Features of Treet Don big 70

The company has recently introduced its Treet Don Big 70 cc motorbike with extraordinary appealing graphical feature and a contrast combination of royal blue and black.This motorbike provides an extraordinary grip and has a quality that can tolerate wear and tear users as well.Treet Don Big 70 cc has powerful shocks and stylish speedometer with an attractive look.This model is equipped with Air cooled OHV 4 stroke engine, a wet clutch plate with 70 cc displacement.And with a competitive price range as compared to its other rivals in the market.

Specs and Features of Treet Digital Edition

With a combination of vibrant red and green graphics on the fuel tank, Treet bikes have introduced its new 70 ccs with a solid build quality and a slim and clique design.This brand has now entered the market but given the hard combination to its rivals like Honda CD 70, Power PK 70, Ghani G170 Kickstart and many other brands in the market. This bike has a competitive price of RS 47,500.This motorbike has an extraordinary grip on the road and is especially recommended for new riders.

Specs and Features of Treet TR 70 Self Start

Those who are a fan of latest technology in the motorcycles they will surely love this Treet TR 70 Self Start bike which is a combination of luxury and comfort.The most promising feature of this motorbike has an extraordinarily competitive price as compared to its other rivals in the market.This model has 4 gear multi wet clutch plates and a displacement of 70 ccs.And last but not the least the engine has an engine displacement of 7occ and self-start as well.

Specs and features of Treet Tr 100

After a huge success in the motorbike industry, Treet bikes has planned to enter in launching 100 cc motorbikes.When we have a look at the other competitive available bike companies in the market we come to know that Treet Bikes is offering a reasonable price of only 54000.Treet Tr 100 has a sporty look with powerful shocks that can sustain the pressure of bumpy roads of Pakistan.And will let you enjoy the taste of comfortable ride.

If you want to know in detail about the specification and features of Treet motorbikes in detail you should visit our website where you can have a look at all these things and you can also compare the specification and features of this bike with other available competitive products in the market.We will recommend our potential buyers that they should also visit our website and see a comparative analysis before taking any final decision so that you can avail the best option.

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