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Suzuki bikes Raider 110 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Suzuki Raider in Pakistan

Suzuki a name of durable and quality manufacturer products known throughout the world.Suzuki motors have been serving the Humanity from last 109 years by sending their quality motorbikes and cars throughout the world for personal, professional as well as for racing as well.In Pakistan Suzuki is working as Pak Suzuki motor company and is eager to introduce latest products as per the demand of the market.Currently, Pak Suzuki introduces they're another 110 cc bike by the name of Suzuki Raider 110 cc in Pakistan.If you want to know about Suzuki Raider 110 2018 in Pakistan then you should visit our website, where you can find all the details as well price of Suzuki Raider 110 in Pakistan.

Overview and Background

Pak Suzuki which is basically a merger between Suzuki Japan and Pakistan Awami motor corporation formed back in 1983 and since then they are serving the Pakistani nation with their amazing and quality products.Pak Suzuki started their career in Pakistan by the introduction of an 800 cc van and then one after the other they introduced many products like Suzuki Mehran, Wagon r, and many more.Suzuki products have always been appreciated by the local public because of their durability, unique design and extraordinary fuel mileage.During the recent decade, Pakistan automotive industry has passed through drastic changes in which many new companies have introduced their 70 ccs,100cc and 125 cc bikes.So Suzuki also decided to enter into this sector and introduced their 110 cc bikes like Suzuki GD 110, Suzuki GD 110S and now Pak Suzuki is going to introduce Suzuki Raider 110 in Pakistan.The price of Suzuki Raider 110 is competitive as compare to other products in the market but before you decide to buy it let’s have a look at its specification and features.

Specification and Features of Suzuki Raider 110 in Pakistan

Suzuki has powered its new Suzuki rider 110 ccs with 4 strokes single cylinder air cooled engine that is able to provide a displacement 110ccs. Suzuki Rider 110 cc in Pakistan has wet type multi-plate along with smoothly adjusted 4-speed transmission gear.Suzuki has designed its bike with eye-catching graphics on the fuel tank that has a sufficient capacity of 10 liters at a time.Suzuki Rider in Pakistan is also a priority because of its durable build quality and most prominently due to its extraordinary fuel economy as compared to other bikes of this specification.Suzuki Rider has an average mileage of 50-65 km per liter.which is among major factors while you are going to own a new bike.Pak Suzuki has used powerful shocks in their Suzuki Raider as they are well aware of conditions of roads in Pakistan so they have paid attention to its durability and strength.Suzuki Raider 2018 has a comfortable seat design which can feel you relax even after traveling long on a motorbike.Suzuki has used quality tires and with a combination of 91 kg weight, it has an excellent grip on the road.Currently Suzuki Raider 110 cc is available in kickstart mode an when it comes to the colour choice Suzuki is only offering it in an attractive colour combination of Black with light purple and blue graphics on fuel tank and side covers enhance the look of Suzuki Raider it is decorated with a stylish speedometer and vibrant head and tail light as well.If we just look at the price of this extravagant motorbike we will find it very reasonable as compared to others.

Rivals of Suzuki Raider 110 in Pakistan

The general rivals of this bike in the market are Treet TR100 2018, Honda pridor 2018 as they are having a similar specification in their bikes.The price of these two bikes is relatively less but on the other hand, you should also see that Suzuki raider is more powerful and durable as compared to them.And if we will compare them according to looks as well we will notice that Suzuki Raider 110 cc is much more different as we The only lack which we face while owing a Suzuki Raider 2018 is it maintenance as its spare parts are expansive and they are not easily available as well so this factor will bother you a little bit.Then as it is a striving model so it has an average resale value in the market.

But if you have decided to buy a Suzuki Raider 110 cc then you should visit our website, where you can find all the latest details specifications and features of Suzuki Raider 2018 and the price of Suzuki Raider 2018 in Pakistan.Most prominently on our website, you can check other available bikes in the market and compare their prices and features with Suzuki raider 2018 and can decide which bike you should finally own as we value your every penny.Through our website, you can also find available dealers for Suzuki Raider 2018 in your nearest locality.

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