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Suzuki bikes GS 150 SE Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Suzuki GS 150 SE in Pakistan

Suzuki is one of the worlds renowned and old automotive manufacturer who after their success in automobiles have shifted to the manufacture of motorbikes and are dedicated to comfort their locals as much as they can and as a result of their this effort, they have introduced their new Suzuki GS 150 SE 2018 in Pakistan.Suzuki has updated its previous model Suzuki GS 150 2017 with new specifications and feature.If you want to know about Suzuki GS 150 SE 2018 specifications and features we will recommend you to visit our website where you can find all the latest updates.

Background and Overview

Suzuki GS 150 SE is the product manufactured and launched by Pak Suzuki motor company.Pak Suzuki is basically a merger between the Pakistani government and the Japanese famous automobile company which is in automotive sector from 1909.Pak Suzuki became functional in the year 1983 and started manufacturing their products in Pakistan.Pak Suzuki is involved in the manufacture of a number of products like cars, motorcycles, engine, spare parts as well. Suzuki products are famous throughout the world for being most fuel-efficient products like Pak Suzuki there are other mergers of Suzuki as well in different

Countries as Suzuki products are used around 192 countries of the world.Paki Suzuki started in Pakistan with a 800 cc carry van and later they introduced Suzuki FX and Suzuki Mehran if we check the history of especially Suzuki Mehran we will see that the co have company introduced this model in 1988 and still they have the same shape which means that company is highly confident on its model that they do not bother to change the design.Currently, in the last decade, Pakistan automobile industry has revolutionized and many companies have entered in this field and are involved in the manufacture of two-wheeler so following the market trend Suzuki also introduced it bikes like Hayabusa, Suzuki GS 150 and many more.In this year Suzuki has introduced its updated Suzuki GS 150 SE 2018 in Pakistan.let have a brief view of its specifications and features.

Specifications and features of Suzuki GS 150 SE in Pakistan

Suzuki GS 150 SE has powered its new motorbike with a 4 stroke single cylinder that can produce a displacement of 150 ccs.This bike Suzuki is surely going to capture badly as they have introduced many new innovation and features. This model of Suzuki is available in kick and electric start with a 5 gear transmission.This bike has an estimated 116 kg weight that helps to maintain the weight of this bike on the road.The company has used alloy rim in tires that give this bike a stylish sporty look and also make it pressure sustainer on the bumpy roads of Pakistan.To enhance the beauty of this bike Suzuki has used colorful fender.The Suzuki company have paid special attention to seat and have made it board and comfortable which make the rider to travel on long routes easily.Suzuki GS 150 SE look is enhanced by its front headlight which is rounded and much more bright as compared to other bikes light.If we keenly notice the design we will observe that Suzuki has changed the transitional look of the bike.Suzuki has used a chrome cylinder along with shock absorber on the rear wheel.To enhance the looks of Suzuki GS 150 SE 2018 in Pakistan company has designed a stylish fuel tank with a wide capacity of 12 liters.Currently, this model is available in red and vibrant black color.The price of GS 150 SE 2018 as compared to its features is very competitive.

Rivals of Suzuki GS 150 SE in Pakistan


Although Suzuki has introduced a completely new and innovative product as compared to many other local ones yet there are companies who have launched products to compete for the major among them Hi-speed infinity150cc 2018 bike in Pakistan ,Honda trigger 150 CB 2018 in Pakistan These two bikes have engine with the same displacement but the price of Suzuki GS 150 SE 2018 is 158,500 which is quite competitive.These all three bikes have different looks but if see their average mileage we will see that Suzuki GS SE 150 2018 has the best fuel mileage.

Like all bikes have some positives the drawback is also there the prominent among these are average resale value because of its high price and lack of spare parts.

If you also want to buy a Suzuki GS 150 SE bike or you want to know about its price you should visit our website where you can find the details of available specifications and features.Then you can also check its latest price through our website along with that the most interesting feature of our website is that you can have a comparison of your favorite product with other available products in the market and you can have an analysis that which product suits you the best according to your budget and interest as well.SE

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