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Suzuki bikes GS 150 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Suzuki GS 150 bike in Pakistan

Suzuki which is known worldwide for the production of quality motorbikes and cars has now introduced its all-new GS 150 2018 in Pakistan.Suzuki has introduced one of the most powerful locally manufactured engine in Pakistan which is suppose to be highly appreciated by the fans of Suzuki.Suzuki is always anxious t introduce its customers to new innovation and as a continuity to their this effort, Suzuki has introduced its 150 cc bike with the name of Suzuki GS 150 2018.Suzuki has decided a competitive price for its bike.If you want to know about Suzuki GS 150 2018 or you want to know the price of this latest bike please visit our website, where you can have all required information.

Overview and Background

GS 150 2018 is a product by Pak Suzuki motor corporation.Which is basically a merger of Japanese Suzuki company with the Pakistani government and as a result the Pak Suzuki is authorized to assemble some of the product by Suzuki company in Pakistan and remaining they can import but they have rights to sell and manufacture Suzuki products officially since dated back to the year 1983 the Suzuki company is serving Pakistani nation by production of economical and reasonable products.Suzuki hot favorite market products involve Mehran, Suzuki FX, Suzuki Baleno some of the models are manufactured by the company from last three decades with minor changes and still they are high in demand from Pakistani public this shows the quality, durability, and trust of a local public within Suzuki brand name.In the recent decade, the automotive industry in Pakistan has been through dramatic changes from minor level to major level companies have involved in the manufacture of motorbikes and have created an environment of strenuous competition within the country.It has become very difficult for anyone to take a decision that for which bike he should go for with the changing trends of market Suzuki also have introduced its motorbikes in Pakistan the famous models involve GD 110, Suzuki GD 110S, Hayabusa and a lot more.Currently, the company has introduced its GS 150 2018 model in Pakistan.Let’s have a brief look at this model of Suzuki.

Specification and Features of Suzuki GS 150 2018 in Pakistan

Suzuki has powered its new Gs 150 cc bike with 4 strokes single OHVC cooled cylinder with the use of euro II technology that can produce a maximum displacement of 150 ccs with a combination of multi wet clutch plates and also has a gear transmission of 5 speed.These all features line up Suzuki GS 150 2018 in Pakistan among the top 150 cc bikes.Suzuki has used the telescopic front suspension to make this bike pressure sustainer.This bike is available both in kick and electric start transmission in Pakistan.The average weight of Suzuki GS 150 2018 is about 118 kg that increases its quality to keep the balance even on uneven roads of Pakistan.Suzuki has designed a wide fuel tank with a capacity of 12.5 liters that enable the rider to stay relax for a long time.And with a large fuel tank, they have paid attention to design a comfortable motorbike for heavy customers as well.Suzuki GS 150 has a different and more bright LED light that makes it drive easily even on a foggy and dark night.Suzuki has used chrome cylinder to enhance the look of this motorbike and has installed shock absorbent as well with the rear wheels to improve its ability for sustaining pressure.The company is offering two vibrant colors in it the first one is Black and the other one is red so you can opt according to your taste.Alloy rim tires are used in it which give Suzuki GS 150 2018 a sporty look.The price for GS150 2018 in Pakistan is 1,43,000 which is quite competitive as compared to other 150 cc bikes.

Rivals of GS 150 bikes in Pakistan

In 150 cc segment although Suzuki has maintained its price but still there are companies who are providing other competitive models in market even different prices like general rival of Suzuki GS 150 2018 in Pakistan is Honda CB 150R and Honda CB 150f if we compare their prices even then we will see that Suzuki is offering its Suzuki GS 150 in very economical range and as the company is using euro II technology so they have enhanced the efficiency of fuel as compared to other 150 cc available bikes in Pakistan.

If we have a look towards the cons of this bike we will come to know that its maintenance is expansive because of expansive spare parts and average resale value.

If you want to buy Suzuki gs 150 or you want to know about it we will recommend you to visit our website and have a look at its detailed specifications and features along with that through our website you can check the latest price of Suzuki GS 150 2018 in Pakistan and the most interesting feature of our website is that you compare the bike of your choice with other models and option in your mind and then you can make a final decision that which bike is best according to your interest and pocket as wel0

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