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Suzuki bikes GR 150 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Suzuki GR 150 bike in Pakistan

Suzuki a brand name known for the production of motorbikes and cars within Pakistan and throughout the world.With the introduction of new and quality products, Suzuki has developed an environment of trust in the automotive industry.Keeping their tend maintain Suzuki is going to introduce it's all-new Suzuki GR 150 bike in Pakistan with the latest features and specifications.If you want to buy Suzuki GR 150bike or you want to know about the price of Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan then visit our website where you can find all the information.

Overview and Background

Pak Suzuki that is a merger between Pakistan automobile corporation and the Japanese automotive company Suzuki group they have recently introduced Suzuki GR 150 2018 motorbike in Pakistan in a recent ceremony at Pearl Continental.This bike is expected to enhance the reputation of Suzuki in 150cc bikes.Suzuki is known throughout the world for the development of quality motorcycles and bikes their products are used in 192 countries of the world in Pakistan they are serving their products in Pakistan they settled their plant in Pakistan back in 1983.They have been serving the Pakistani nation for more than 35 years.In the early years, they produced cars in Pakistan.But due to the recent revolution in last decade, a large number of Pakistani has entered in the motorbike sector thats why Suzuki has also introduced its bikes in Pakistan.Suzuki has introduced their Suzuki GD 110 S, Suzuki GS 150 SE, and Suzuki Sprinter Eco bikes in Pakistan.Along with that company have introduced has also introduced its sports bike range as well as Pakistan.It is expected that the new model launched by Suzuki GR 150 bike in Pakistan will produce high output in 150 cc market.But before you take a decision that you should own a Suzuki GR 150 bike lets have a look at its specifications.

Specification and features of Suzuki GR 150

Suzuki has designed its 4 strokes single cylinder air cooled with a maximum displacement of 150 cc bike.This bike is equipped with wet type multi-clutch plates and has 5 gear speed transmission, This bike has a kick and electric and kicks start transmission.Suzuki GR 150 has digital gear and fuel indicator as well.The most promising feature of Suzuki GR 150 has front disc brakes that enhance the grip on the road and make its rider feel comfortable about his security even at a high speed.Suzuki has given aerodynamic look and has chosen a sporty look for its new Suzuki GR 150 bike.Suzuki has used alloy rims in tires for making its tires grip strong on the road and enables it to sustain even heavy load on bumpy roads of Pakistan.They have paid special attention to the design of their bike and have tried their level best to make it more comfortable for the heavyweight public of Pakistan.Suzuki has paid attention to design a broad fuel tank Suzuki GR 150 with a fuel capacity of 12.5 liters which comforts you to travel on a long route even.Th net weight of this bike is around 133 kg which helps the rider to maintain its balance while going through imbalance routes.This bike is available in pure black color with the combination of red attractive graphics on the fuel tank which enhances its aggressive look.Suzuki has used telescopic forks in the front with colored fender and has maid its bike able to sustain pressure.The price of Suzuki GR 150 2018 in Pakistan is competitive.

Rivals of Suzuki GR 150CC 2018 in Pakistan

The rival of this giant 150 cc bike by Suzuki is Honda CB 150 f Pakistan.If we compare cc then both are 150 cc bikes but if we check the prices we will see that the price of Suzuki GR 150 is relatively high as compared to Honda CB but in general, they have almost same average mileage.But the feature which enables the public to own a Honda CB is Suzuki installment plans Suzuki is taking zero marks up on their bikes and are offering their bikes on easy installment to the locals of Pakistan.

Among all positives, the major con which Suzuki is lack of some spare parts, as well as its maintenance, is quite expansive.This is a major factor which you should know before you own a Suzuki GR 150 bike.

If you have decided to own Suzuki GR 150 or you want to know about its specifications and features you should once visit our website from where you can get all the relevant information.You can also check the latest price of Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan and most interesting of all you can make a comparison of Suzuki GR 150 with other available bikes in the market and can decide easily that which bike should you buy according to your budget and interest as well.We will also help you to find the nearest dealer in your locality.

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