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Suzuki bikes GD 110 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Suzuki GD 110 price in Pakistan

One of the famous name in automobile and motorbike industry Suzuki has introduced their all-new Suzuki GD 110 bike that is equipped with full specification and features and new design.One of the outstanding efforts of the company to serve its value customer is it's all new GD 110 ccs bike.If you want to know about this product by Pak Suzuki motors Pakistan then you should have a look at our website where you can find latest updates regarding GD 110 in Pakistan as well as the price of Suzuki GD 110 2018 in Pakistan.

Overview and Background

Suzuki GD 110 is a product launched by Pak Suzuki motors Pakistan that is basically formed as a merger of Suzuki Japan motors and the Pakistani government.Pak Suzuki was a joint venture between the semi-government automobile corporation and Suzuki Japan as a result of which they started their manufacture of products in 1983.they introduced their first product was 800 ccs carry van and FX after the success of these two products the company planned its second plant in 1985.After successful years one after the other the company planned to enter into the motorcycle sector as well currently the company has introduced a number of motorcycles including Suzuki GD 110, Suzuki GD 110S, Suzuki GS-150, Inazuma Aegis and many other models for routine bikers to sports bikers Suzuki is offering some model.Generally, Suzuki is successful in Pakistan because is controlled price production.They were offering products which are in the range of the middle average person.Within the last decade a large number of motorbikes companies have been introduced in Pakistan automotive industry so Suzuki has also introduced its product they have taken initiative from a 110 cc motorbike with a new design and feature If you are interested to know about Suzuki GD 110 then lets have a look on its specifications and features.

Specification and Features of Suzuki GD 110 Bike in Pakistan

Suzuki has powered their all-new Suzuki GD 110 cc bike with a 4 stroke single air-cooled cylinder euro II engine that can provide a maximum displacement of 110 ccs.This model by Suzuki has 4 gear transmission with kickstart mode and wet type multi-plate installed in it.As we discussed earlier that Suzuki has a motto to save public keeping their point of view they have designed a fuel-efficient engine that will reduce the cost of patrolling for locals and has also paid a vital role in the increased demand of Suzuki GD 110.Suzuki has paid special attention towards the design of the seat and has tried their level best to design a comfortable seat and those who are already linked with other products of Suzuki will be well aware of the fact that Suzuki products are always durable and reliable.Suzuki has used long stroke technology in the engine of their GD 110 bike. Suzuki has given a different and appealing look to their this bike from traditional motorbikes available in the market and they are also offering in very different and elegant colors like metallic black, shiny blue, dark black and of course red as well.The price of Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan is competitive as compared to other products available in the market with same specifications.The fuel tank of Suzuki GD 110 is simple and elegant with the logo of Suzuki on it and has a capacity of around 9 liters.

Rivals of Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan

Suzuki is striving to produce excellence for their customers yet there are many competitors in the market which are giving a hard time the prominent among them is Honda Pridor 2018 and DYL Junoon 100 cc bike the price of these two bikes is less compared to the GD 110 cc bike price in Pakistan which is around 1,19,000 RS.If we compare the weight of all these three bikes then we come to know that Suzuki GD 110 is the heaviest one that enhances its grip on the road.These three bikes have almost same mileage but even though Suzuki GD 110 has more displacement than other two.

There are some possible negatives as well of Suzuki GD 110 which include lack of competent mechanics, due to its high price it has an average resale value and its spare parts are also expansive.

If you want to own a Suzuki GD 110 then we will suggest you that before taking a final decision visit our website where you can find detailed specifications and features of Suzuki GD 110 you can see its pictures and video as well.Through our website you can check Suzuki GD 110 bike latest price in Pakistan and the most important benefit which our website is offering that you can make a comparison of your product with other available products in the market and can take a final decision regarding your new bike we will help you to buy the product of your choice within your budget and from your nearest available dealerS

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