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Suzuki bikes Bandit Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Suzuki Bandit in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki introduced some of the heavy bikes with new and advanced features Bandit is one of them.Suzuki has built a reputation throughout the world for the manufacture of products among their many quality products Suzuki Bandit is the one.It was launched in 1996 originally but after a series of changes in engine and design now Pak Suzuki is going to launch as Suzuki Bandit 2018 650cc bike in Pakistan.If you want to know about the features or price of Bandit 2018 650 cc price in Pakistan then please visit our website where you can have all the details.

Overview and Background

The giant of automobile world is Suzuki.Always eager to introduce their new products.Suzuki was involved in the manufacture of motorbikes and car since long as it was not possible for them to handle the supply through so they decided to have mergers As a continual to their this effort Suzuki made a merger with Pakistan automobile corporation and Pak Suzuki started its manufacture in Pakistan and is currently serving Pakistan along with South Asian countries.Talking about Suzuki Bandit that is basically an extension of Suzuki GSF heavy bike series.Suzuki was involved in the production of heavy bikes since long as their bikes are used for official racing as well but in Pakistan, they have stepped in from Last decade and have introduced a number of models like Inazuma Aegis, Intruder and many more.Suzuki is trying to introduce new technology with the advent of its every new model although the price of Suzuki bikes is slightly high yet on average their average mileage is better than many other companies.Currently, in Pakistan, they have introduced their Suzuki Bandit 650 cc which has widely attracted the Sports bike lover and is expected to produce good business for Pak Suzuki motor company.But before you make a final decision that you should buy Suzuki Bandit 650 cc 2018 or not lets have a look at its specification and features briefly.

Specification and Features of Suzuki Bandit 650cc 2018 in Pakistan

Suzuki has revolutionized the motorbike industry with design and innovation.As a continuity t its famous GSF series.In Pakistan, it is introduced as a successor to GSF600N Bandit the price of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc is expected to be around 14,00,000.Because the company has powered their this sports bike with a 4 stroke 4 inline cylinder with DOHC liquid cooled and the engine can produce a maximum displacement of 656 ccs and can attain a maximum speed of 220 km per hour.Suzuki Bandit 2018 has a new and stylish sporty design with a net weight of 218 kg that increases the balance of Suzuki bandit on road.Suzuki has used telescopic front forks as well as strong rear shocks to enhance the capability of this bike to sustain on road.Strong and stylish alloy rim with the pairing of Hydraulic disc brakes is used both in the front and rear wheel of Suzuki Bandit 2018 so that a rider can comfortably gain as much speed as he wants and still can have a grip on the road.Suzuki Bandit 2018 has used 6 gear transmission and as Suzuki is one of those organization who is bothered about the comfort of their customers thats why they have paid special attention to their seat design and adjusted the height of bike to the comfort level of customer.Keeping in view the taste of customer this stylish Suzuki Bandit 650 cc is available in blue, black, red and silver color. As the name reflects that this bike is furiously aggressive and available in Pakistani market for a price of RS 14,50,000 which is quite competitive as compared to other available 600 cc models in the market.

Rivals of Suzuki Bandit 650 cc in Pakistan

If we see the rivals for this 650 cc sports bike in Pakistan the only competitor in Pakistani market is Benelli TNT 600 cc bike available in Pakistan.The price of this bike is comparatively competitive but if we compare the engine displacement we will see that Suzuki Bandit is providing more displacement as compared to Benelli TNT 600 cc.And if we see a comparison in fuel tank capacity The capacity Suzuki Bandit 650 cc it has 19 liters capacity as compared to the capacity of Benelli TNT 600 cc that comforts the rider on a long route.

If we see the negatives of Suzuki Bandit 2018 bike then we notice that its spare parts are very expansive and you have to pay highly for its maintenance.

If you also want to buy a Suzuki Bandit 650 cc bike then you should visit our website where you can see all the latest specification and features you can also check the latest update regarding price of Bandit 2018 bike in Pakistan and most above of all you can make a comparison of your choice bike with other brands bike in the market and finally you can take a decision that suits your taste and pocket as well.

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