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Super Star Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Super Star motorbikes in Pakistan

Super star motorbike is a product introduced by Memon motors Pvt.Ltd.One of many other emerging motorbikes manufacturer in Pakistan.Super Star bikes are manufactured and assembled in Hyderabad.The Super Star motorbikes have introduced a number products in the market like Super Star SS70, Super Star 70cc deluxe, super sawari, Cargo loader SS 150 cc,Super Star  Safari SD 100 cc, Super star Safari SD 70 and Super Star Rikshaws.If you want to know in detail about specification and features of Super star bikes in detail then you should visit our website, where you can find all the details about Super Star bikes price in Pakistan and super star bikes 2018 models.

Overview of Super star motorbikes

Super star motorbikes is a new company in the motorbike industry which are striving hard to make a name in the motorbike industry.With a huge number of products, they are trying to introduce innovation and technology in the market.They have introduced a large variety and still working on a number of projects.Let’s have a view of Super Star bikes briefly:

Specs and features of Super Star 70 cc motorbikes 2018

Super star motorbikes are about to introduce its super star 70 cc model in Pakistan.It is expected that the price of this 70 cc motorbike is around 45000RS.This model of Super star motorbike is powered by a 4 stroke single cylinder engine and gear transmission.This super star motorbike is decorated with a stylish speedometer and comfortable seat for its rider to feel a smooth and comfortable ride.Super Star motorbikes have worked on the shocks of bikes and have tried their level best to make them pressure sustain.This bike has a stylish digital speed meter and fuel gauge indicator as well.Super Star 70ccbike is highly appreciated by the market.and is available in black and red colour.

Specs and features 0f Super star safari 70 cc

As it is the world of technology and advancement so how can a company survive with only one variety in order to compete their model Super star motorbikes have introduced another bike with a minor level difference in the specification and a major difference in price such that this model Safari SD 70 cc is available only for 40000rls.It is powered by a  single 4 stroke air cooled cylinder and provide an average displacement of 70 ccs.It has 4 gear transmission with a single cylinder and has an attractive graphics on fuel tank with a capacity of 10-litre petrol.It is kick start and is giving a tough competition to its rivals in the market because of a competitive and an extraordinary fuel economy.

Specs and features of Safari SD 100 CC

In order to compete the 100cc motorbikes super star has introduced its safari SD100 cc with an aggressive stylish design and a hot design of fire on the fuel tank that represent the valour and power.This motorbike has been edited to give a sporty look by an uplifted broad front light and slim tail light.This model is available for only a price of 56,500 that is very competitive as compared to others like CD 70 dream, Honda dream 70, Mini 100.Taking a keen view of technicalities we come to now  that super star motorbikes have paid special attention to its quality shocks which should be able to sustain pressure through the unscramble and bumpy roads of Pakistan.This motorbike has multi-clutch plates and a fuel tank of the capacity of 10 litre

Upcoming products by Super Star motorbike 2018

Super Star motorbikes are working on a number of other projects like their CNG rikshaw powered with an RE 4S CNG engine that can provide a displacement of 125cc and has a capacity of 6-litre petrol at a time.It has 4 forward speed and one backward gear transmission.Super star motorbikes in 2018 Are also about to introduce its loader and 9 seaters.The super star loader is powered with a 150 cc engine which provide power to carry heavy loads easily and efficiently.Rikshaw as well as short Super star motorbikes have especially keep in view the requirement of local public and have tried their level best to comfort middle-class person by providing fuel-efficient and quality products.As a new and established company, Super Star motorbike is striving hard there are some lacks in current products like poor build quality and lack of spare parts as well its local service stations are not currently available.

If you want to buy any of the models by Super Star motorbikes then we will advise you first to check its detailed specification and features on our website and then make a comparison of available products in the market with other products with same specification and price and then take a final decision.Super Star motorbikes are working hard to improve their quality and offering variety to satisfy its customers.


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