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Super Power SP70 Deluxe Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Super power 70cc deluxe bike in Pakistan

Super power is an emerging motor cycle company operated by N.J autos in Pakistan since 2004.The company have entered the market with the aim to produce a quality product with excellent mileage and economy as well.Super power motorcycles have quickly established their network in the country and is appearing as a rival to many leading brands in Pakistan.It seems that Super power motorcycles are well aware of changing trends in the market and also know the taste of  Pakistani public because the way they have entered the market clearly elaborate their vision.For instance, to introduce themselves in 70 cc segment they have not only introduced Super power SP Deluxe 70cc but along with that, they are also offering Super power SP 70 CC PLUS and Super power SP Euro II 70 cc.Not only in 70 ccs they have introduced their Awami SP  100 CC and exclusively for 110 cc range they have introduced Super power SP 110 cc cheetah and for their 125 cc segment they competing with their Super power SP 125 and Super power SP 125 Deluxe.And of course, for the greater cc competition they have introduced their heavy and stylish newly equipped Super power SP Archi 150 cc and they journey does not stop here Super power motorcycle is planning to introduce its new Leo 200 cc bike as well.

Background and way to success

Super power motorcycles is originally a product by PIRANI Group of industries which lies in the front row of Pakistani business industry.PIRANI Group dated back its origin from the fertile land of Indus and started their first business in Hyderabad from a small scale industry and now they are standing in a top row.PIRANI group have established their name in the engineering sector and are involved in the production of many products.The company started its origin with the vision to develop high-quality products and by maintaining prices as well.Today PIRANI Group is a source of income for many families, especially in Sindh. During the last 5 decade company have developed and formed new industries working under them namely PIRANI Metals, PIRANI Engineering, Kausar automobiles, N.J auto industries, P.M autos and PIRANI Trading company.They all are successful working nationwide and are striving to establish themselves in the international market as well. And as per the statics, it seems that in the near future Super power will be in Pakistan leading motorcycle manufacturers especially because of their reasonable prices and variety of products they are offering.

Specification and feature of Super power SP 70 cc Deluxe in Pakistan

Keeping in view the youth of Pakistan which is fond of sports bike Super power motorcycle company has given its SP deluxe bike a sporty look.That is one of top reason for its popularity and liking.Super power SP 70cc deluxe has been powered with a 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder with a displacement of 70 ccs. New super power SP 70 deluxe 2018 has the multi wet clutch plate with 4 gear transmission.Super power has used LED mask headlight that has played a vital role SP 70 deluxe 2018 look and has given it a sporty shape.A combination of Black muffler exhaust and Black fender have contributed to enhancing the look of SP 70 cc Deluxe bike.Currently, it is available in Black a sign of elegance and Red a representation of power is available with kick and self both transmissions.Keeping an eye on heavyweight public of Pakistan Super power has designed a comfortable seat both for driver and rider along with that they have adjusted to the height so that a middle height person can easily ride its Super power SP 70 cc Deluxe 2018.Super power has decorated it SP 70 Deluxe 2018 with a digital meter and have set CDI electronic control system.If you just look at these appealing features you must be thinking that SP 70 Deluxe 2018 price in Pakistan will be high but it's not like this they have maintained the price of Super power SP 70 CC Deluxe bike in Pakistan only 55,000 Rs.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Super power SP 70 Deluxe 2018 has given a tough time to its rivals like Honda CD 70 2018, Power PK 2018,.If we make a price comparison of all three bikes we will come to know that Super power SP 70 Deluxe has a middle range in these two bikes both the other bikes follow traditional bike design but SP 70 Deluxe has entirely different look and if make an average comparison of fuel mileage then Super power SP 70 Deluxe is giving a hard time to Honda CD 70 as per the reviews Super power SP 70 Deluxe is also giving 70 km in 1 liter.Secondly, its maintenance is not expansive because the company is itself indulged in the manufacture of spare parts so they are easily available.

The only drawback which super power bikes have is its average resale value and poor build quality which obviously company is working on to improve.

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