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Super Power  Sp100 Awami Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Super power 100 ccs Awami bike in Pakistan

Super power 100 ccs Awami is a product introduced by N.J motor Industries.Super power is one of emerging motorbike company industries in Pakistan.Super power is establishing their reputation in motorbike industry by the development of quality products within the price range of middle-class person in Pakistan. Keeping in view the demand and changing trends of Pakistani public they have introduced their all-new super power Awami 100 cc in the market.  Super power is destined to build its reputation as one of the leading bike manufacturers in Pakistan.Super power has introduced its bike in every segment of motorbikes like for 70 cc segment they have introduced 3 variants Super power SP 70 Plus,Superpower 70cc Deluxe and Super power SP Euro II.Coming towards the 110 segment bikes in order to give competition to especially 110 cc segment they have introduced their Super power 110 cc cheetah.In order to compete for 125 segments, Super power motorcycles have introduced their Super power SP 125 CC, and Super power SP 125 cc Deluxe.And if we notice the trends in the Pakistani industry we will see our youth is more attracted toward sports bike and Super power motorcycles have understood it really well and have offered their Super power SP Archi 150 and Super power Leo 200cc.

Overview and the long road to success

Super power motorcycles are introduced by N.J motor industry which is basically a part of PIRANI Group of companies.Pirani group of companies is among the leading business group of Pakistan who started their career dated back in 1962 from a small scale industry near Hyderabad on fertile land of Indus valley and with continuous struggle and effort today they are standing as one of strongest group in Pakistan

And hoping for s strong future position as well in Pakistans automobile industry.Currently, Pirani Group is operating as Pirani trading corporation, Pirani metals, PIRANI Engineering, NJ auto industries, Kausar autos and P.M auto industries.They started their work in Pakistan with a vision to provide employment to local public and produce quality products within the reasonable price range and to satisfy their customers and stakeholders as well. Almost they are successful in gaining their all targets and are hopeful to serve their nation in coming future as well.

Specification and features of Super power SP 100 CC Awami bike 2018 in Pakistan

Super power has used 4 strokes single cylinder engine with a maximum displacement of 100 ccs in their Super power SP 100 cc Awami bike in Pakistan.

SP Awami 100cc 2018 has a chain driven transmission system. SP 100cc 2018 has a kickstart mode with wet type plate. SP Awami 2018 bike has a sporty design and slim design  which can attract  the Pakistani youth towards themselves.,SP Awami 2018 Price in Pakistan is very competitive.Super power motorcycles have enhanced the look of their SP 100 Awami by using headlight mask which gives it a sporty look.Then as  Super power motorcycles are well aware of the heavyweight public of Pakistan they have designed a comfortable seat both for the rider and driver.SP 100 Awami is decorated with appealing graphics on the fuel tank and is able to provide maximum fuel economy as compared to other 100 cc bikes in the market.Sp 100 Awami 2018 has a fuel tank of 15 litters that is sufficient enough for a long route.The dry weight of super power SP Awami 100 cc 2018 is around 106 kg that is able to provide an excellent balance on road.Use of superior quality tires has added to firm grip of the bike on the road and make it rider feel comfortable.A colourful fender with a chrome black exhaust gives new Super power SP 100 Awami an awesome look.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Generally, if we try to make a comparison price then hardly we will be able to find a 100 cc bike with the price that Super power has offered for its new Super power SP 100 Awami 2018 in Pakistan.But if we take a comparison look wise then this bike is giving a hard time to New Honda Pridor 2018  They both have similar front look as well as engine specifications but the price of Super power SP 100 cc Awami is much less then Honda similarly if we go for price comparison then United US 100 Jazba 2018 is competing SP 100 CC Awami but united bike has the traditional bike style and Super power SP 100 cc Awami has stylish sporty design .Last but not the least Super power SP 100 cc Awami 2018 is more successful in Pakistani industry due to the availability of spare parts as well because the company is itself involved in the production of spare parts.

The only lack that has to confront till yet for Super power SP 100 Awami 2018 is an average resale value which will for sure increase with the stability of the company with time.

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