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Super Power SP 150 Archi Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Super power Archi SP 150 in Pakistan


Super power Archi SP 150 cc is a product of Super power motorcycles which is new in Pakistani industry.Super power motorcycles is basically a subsidy by Pirani group of companies and they are introducing their products by power and superpower motorcycles.Currently, Super power motorcycles are manufactures under the supervision of NJ automobiles.As it is a Pakistani company so they have paid attention to the demand and taste of Pakistani community.Keeping in view the changing demands of auto industry in Pakistan.Super power motorcycles are offering variety in their every segment like for 70 cc bikes they have introduced Super power 70 cc,Super power 70 plus, Super power sccoty, Then for their 100 cc segment they have introduced super power Awami 100cc, for to compete in 110 cc segment they have introduced  Super power SP 110 Cheetah and for  125 cc segment they have super power SP 125,Super power SP 125 Deluxe, for their 150 cc segment super power motorcycles have introduced their Super power Archii SP 150 cc .Super power has entered the market to capture it and to introduce themselves as the leading brands of Pakistan.

Overview and Background

Pirani Group of companies stand a front row business groups of Pakistan.Started back their career in Pakistan near their hometown Hyderabad close to the fertile Indus valley they initiated with a vision to produce the world-class product with a reasonable price range and an aim to make this nation proud in the world as well as comfort them by providing quality products within their range.In the beginning, it was a sole organization but currently, it is operational in a number of industries like Pirani Metals, Pirani Engineering, N.J industries, Pirani autos, Kausar autos, P.M autos industries and Pirani trading company.If we just look at their subsidiaries we will come to know that they are highly interested in the engineering sector and are trying to introduce new trends in Pakistani engineering industry.Pirani group of companies has been a source of income for many jobless in Pakistan.We are expecting a bright career and success for their Super power motorcycles series in Pakistan.The main reasons which will be surely a reason of the success of super power motorcycles in Pakistan will probably be that they have adjusted their price within the range of Pakistani local public and second, important reason is that they are personally involved in the manufacture f spare parts so it will enhance the lifespan of their products.

Specification and features of Super power Archi 150 cc bike

N J motors which are the key manufacturer of Super power motorcycles started their operation in 2004 under the umbrella of Pirani Group.The company majorly focused on the manufacture of two-wheelers and three-wheeler. In order to introduce themselves in the 150 cc market NJ motors introduced their Archii SP 150.They powered their Archi SP 150 2018 with a 4 stroke single cylinder engine.The company had paid much attention to the look of SP 150 Archii and has designed it on the pattern of a sports bike.SP 150 Archi gives a furious and aggressive look because f its wolf eyed headlights they complement it look 100 times.SP 150 Archi 2018 has been designed by keeping in demand the taste of Pakistani public. Archi, SP 150 cc has front disk brakes which enable the grip of the rider on the road and he can safely ride because he is assured of his control on road. Archi 150cc can attain a maximum speed of 100 km per hour that is super fast and appealing as well for the young riders. SP Archi 150 has an excellent average mileage of 35-45 km per litre that is something very appealing for the average middle class of Pakistan, SP Archi 2018 has a dry weight of almost 150 g which enhances its balance on the road and is currently available in two hot favourite sports bike colours red and black.SP Archi 150 cc 2018 by super power motorcycles  in available in kick and electric start with multi wet disc clutch.,SP Archi 2018 Price in Pakistan is very reasonable although the bike is equipped with the latest technology yet its price in Pakistan is only 140,000Rs

Rivals and Final Verdict

It is difficult to find a product like Archi  SP 150 2018 in the Pakistani market, especially with this price range.Archi SP 150 2018 is expected to give a very tough time to the Suzuki GS 150 bike in Pakistan which is also 150 cc bike but if we just have a look at their look then Archii SP 150 is very stylish and unique in its own category.It is expected that it will give a hard time to its rival.

Second important reason for the success of Sp 150 Archi 2018 is that its maintenance is not as costly as that of Suzuki and as the company is itself involved in the manufacture of spare parts so they are easily available Just a small lack which we felt is that its average resale value which is expected to increase after some years.

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