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Road Prince  RP Wego 150 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Road Prince Wego 150 in Pakistan

Road prince wego 150 2018 is manufactured and introduced one of famous group of Pakistan Omega industries.With the growing trend in Pakistan towards variety and increased interest rate of public towards Chinese origin bike Omega industries decided to introduce their Chinese origin bikes in Pakistan in year 2014 and with in short span of time and only a time of 14 years today road prince stand in top ten Chinese origin bike manufacturer companies in Pakistan .Road prince company entered in the market with versatile motorcycle variety that has reasonable and competitive prices for their products.The Road prince company introduced its first 70 cc that was named as Road prince RP 70 this bike was available for only a price of 41,000 which made it a tough rival of other Chinese manufactured or assembled products in Pakistan.Similarly, one after the other they introduced their other products like Road Prince RP Wego 150, Road prince RP Jackpot 110 ccs, Road prince RP Twister 125, Road prince Robinson RP 150, Road Prince RP125 Euro II.All these products offered by Road prince motorcycle company at a very competitive price and every product has a unique design with an aggressive look.

Background and Roadway to success

RP Wego 150 is a product by road prince which is originally owned by Omega Industries.Omega industries have been in motorcycle industries since long.Their last founder who is the father of current president started to import spare parts from Japan and later with the success and increased demand they switched towards importing products from Taiwan and China as well.Later with the passage of time and increased experience the company started to import and sell Japanese brand Yamaha products But after 2000 as the company noticed the tendency of Pakistani pubic towards buying and accepting Chinese bike.They also decided to enter into the manufacture of the bike industry.So they with the help of Chinese company started their own production of motorcycle and introduced their first 70 cc bike in 2004.After receiving a positive feedback company the company further progressed and introduced one after the other their 110cc, 125 and 150cc bike as well and in the coming future company is planning to enter in the manufacture of heavy bike industries as well.As an initiative, they have introduced their Rad prince RP RX3 250 cc bike which is expected to help Road prince bikes to establish their reputation in Pakistan.

Specs and features of Road Prince RP Wego 150

Road price has introduced their Road prince RP Wego 150 2018 with completely new and aggressive look.They have offered an extraordinarily stylish product equipped with latest specifications and features as well as they have tried level best to keep the prince of RP Wego 2018 reasonable in Pakistan.RP Wego 150 has a 4 stroke single cylinder that can produce a displacement of 149 ccs and is equipped with multi wet clutch smoothly aligned with a 5-speed gear transmission.Road prince RP Wego 150cc bike is available in electric start mode and with a wide variety of innovative features like if we discuss the RP Wego 150 instrumentation then we will see that it has a trip meter along with odometer.Road prince company has paid special attention to add fuel gauge and gear indicator and make this bike as appealing as they can as compared to any other 150 cc bike in the market.Road prince has chosen an aggressive sporty look with heavy and strong shocks so that bike can sustain the pressure through bumps.RP Wego 150 2018 is available in a variety of colours like blue, red an orange-yellow shade and black as well.In order to enhance the grip of Road prince, RP Wego 150 2018 on road company has used alloy rims instead of tires along with the combination of front disc brake which enhances your confidence and let you ride on a high speed comfortably.Road prince has used Euro III technology in their Road prince RP Wego 2018 with the dry weight of bike about 115 kg and a large fuel tank that has a capacity of 18-litre storage at a time.The price of this extraordinary RP Wego 2018 in Pakistan is only 180,000.

Rivals and Final Verdict 

Road prince has manufactured a unique product in 150cc segment that is expected to give a hard time to its rivals like Suzuki GS 150 and Superpower SP Archi 150 the price of RP Wego 150cc may seem more to some of the people but if you just make a comparison of technology which road produce ha introduced then you will notice that they value your every Penny whether if it looks wise engine technology or fuel-efficient engine they have focused on every single point.

As per reviews of some users who already own Road prince RP wego 150 cc bike they have said that it is an excellent product with the quality engine and a comfortable ride especially when speed is high above 100 km/h.

The only lack which has come forward that as a new company its spare parts are not very easily available the company is working on this issue and will soon sort it out.

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