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Road Prince  RP Twister 125 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Road Prince RP Twister 125 2018 in Pakistan

Road prince is one of the leading Chinese assembled motorbike manufacturer in Pakistan.During the recent decade Pakistani automotive industry has been through revolutionary changes in which different Pakistani local companies introduced their products in the market along with that many other companies from Pakistani made merger with Internationale brands as a result of which many new and innovative products are available in the market.Keeping in view the interest of market toward Chinese bike The Road Prince company entered and with the usage of Chinese technology they introduced their first 4 stroke 70 cc bike in 2004.One after the other then they introduced their different 70 cc variants,and in 70 cc segment they introduced their Road prince RP Passion 70 cc ,Road Prince RP digital Bullet 70 cc and they offered their both bikes on extra ordinary reasonable price in Pakistan.Then for their 110 cc segment they introduced their Road Prince RP Jackpot 110 and they received acceptance from the market.Road prince have also introduced 2 bikes in Road Prince 125 Twister and Road prince RP 125 bike in Pakistan.Road prince have also challenged their 150 cc market by introduction of their Road prince RP Robinson 150,Road Prince RP Wego 150.The Road company is also planning to introduce in sports bike and have introduced their Road prince RX3 250 cc in Pakistan which is a pioneer level sports bike.

Background and a bright way of success

Road prince is originally owned by Omega industries in Pakistan.They entered in the automotive career from the import of spare parts from Japan.With the passage of time company switched towards the import from Taiwan and China.Later in the beginning of 2000 The Chairman of company noticed the interest of Pakistani public in Chinese bike so they decided to involve in manufacture and assembling of Chinese bike.The company’s director was off point of view that Transportation plays a vital role in the development of a country so he wished to develop a quality product with in the price range of an average income person.Road prince is striving to produce excellent product and as a result of their these efforts with in the span of only 14 years today they are standing in the top local manufactured bikes in Pakistan.In future company is also planning to enter in heavy bike industry and in the production of spare parts as well for those they have already taken a vast land near Lahore.

Specs and Features of Road Prince RP Twister 125 2018 in Pakistan

Road prince is destined to produce new innovation and technology and for the reason they have introduced their all new Road prince 125 Twister 201 which is fully equipped with latest specification and features.Road prince company has powered theiRP 125 Twister 2018with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with over head value and emission control unit as well.RP Twister 125 2018 has wet muti plate and Is left hand operated bike with 5 speed constant mesh gear all forward. Road price has used in its RP 125 twister 2018 an electric motor and kick start.Currently the Road prince RP Twister 125 2018 is available in maroon ,red and black clor combination with attractive graphics on the fuel tank and side covers.Road prince RP twister 125 2018 has an aggressive sporty design with a fuel tank of 16-liter capacity.As this is a 125 cc bike so it can attain a high speed as well so in order to keep a control on bike Road Prince RP Twister 125 2018 has been equipped with front disc brakes.RP Twister 125 2018 is capable of sustaining heavy load and run smoothly on bumpy roads because of alloy rims they have instead of tires.A colourful fender with a combination of muffler exhaust adds on to the looks of Road prince RP Twister 125 2018 on road.As per the weights of Pakistani public Road, prince company have paid special attention to the design of seat of Road prince RP Twister 125 2018 and have tried level best to make it comfortable both for the rider and the driver as well.The price in Pakistan of this Chinese assembled bike in Pakistan is only 104,000RS.

Rivals and Final Verdict

The competitor of Road prince RP Twister 125 2018 in Pakistan is Honda CG 125 2018 ,Ravi Piaggio storm 2018Honda CG 125 Dream 2018 These all bikes have almost the same engine specification but all of them are very different in their looks and the features offered in Road prince RP Twister 125 2018 are much advanced and secondly the price in Pakistan of RP Twister 125 2018 is very competitive.

Coming towards the lacks of Road prince RP 125 2018 there is a lack of competent mechanics and its spare parts are also not easily available in the market as well as they are expansive so its maintenance may cost you little more as compared to others.

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