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Road Prince  RP Passion 70 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Road prince RP Passion 70 in Pakistan

Road prince is a famous motorbike manufactured on Chinese technology and assembled in Pakistan.The road prince company originally owned by Omega industries who before manufacturer were the importer of motorbike spare parts and were well aware of trends and demands of Pakistani market.Years ago people in Pakistani market were not ready to accept Chinese motorcycle they were stuck to some Japanese brands like Yamaha and Honda.But after 2000 the trend changed people tended to welcome innovative an new bikes.Omega industries introduced their first product that was 4 stroke 70 cc motorcycle bike in Pakistan in an extraordinarily reasonable price in Pakistan.Road prince entered in the market with full preparation and one after the other they introduced many products like their Road prince RP Passion 70cc and another variety in 70 ccs they introduced their Road prince RP Digital Bullet 70 cc bike these two bikes have all major specification and feature which any other 70 cc bike has but Road prince has offered it at a very competitive price.Then Road prince company entered in 110 cc segment and introduced their Road prince RP Jackpot 110 in Pakistan.With the growing interest of Pakistani locals towards 125 bikes, Road prince intended to introduce more variety in their 125 category and introduced Road Prince RP 125 Twister and Road prince RP 125 bike.The special focus of the company was on 150 segments where they introduced they're two fully equipped products namely Road prince Robinson 150 and Road prince

RP Wego 150.

Background and a Bright way to success

Road prince has received a lot of appreciation and acceptance from the market and It can be seen that within a span f 14 year Since they launched their first motorbike in 2004 today road prince stands in top ten Pakistani motorcycle companies.And it is expected that company will progress further and will be soon entered in heavy motorbike industry as they have already introduced their Road prince RX3 250 an initial level sports bike.The chairman of the company is of vision that transportation plays an important role in the success of a country and in a country where per capita income is too low there should be some product which everyone could own and has his own transportation.That’s why road prince has kept its road prince passion 70 princes in Pakistan very reasonable and within the reach of the normal person.Road prince has attempted to build an innovative and quality product with a low budget.

Specs and features of Road prince RP Passion 70 cc in Pakistan

Road prince is always eager to introduce something new and more innovative as compared to previous one and they initiated their motorcycle career with the introduction of 70 ccs and road prince 70 RP passion was among their pioneer products.They introduced in their road prince RP Passion 70 2018 model with a 4 stroke single cylinder that can produce a displacement of 70 ccs.The company has equipped their road prince Passion 2018 with manual wet plate clutch and a 4 gear transmission is available.Currently  Road prince RP is in kickstart mode and has a CDI ignition.Keeping in view the liking of public towards traditional motorbike design Rad prince motorcycles has given this bike a traditional look and offered their RP Passion 70 2018 model in vibrant red and elegant black colour.RP Passion 2108 has been decorated with attractive graphics on side covers and the fuel tank that has a capacity of almost 10.5 litres.A vibrant red and black with the combination of chrome cylincer and fender add on to the looks of road prince RP Passion 2018.A net weight of 84 kg help to maintain the balance of bike on sharp turns and together with the combination of strong shocks differentiate road prince RP Passion 70 2018 from other bikes on the road.A company is well aware of trends in the market so they have paid special attention the deign of the seat and have tried to make Road prince RP Passion 2018 seat as much comfortable as they can.Interestingly the price of Road prince RP Passion 2018 in Pakistan is only 41,500 which is very competitive as compared to other products of this category available in the market.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Road prince has offered a 70 cc bike with remarkably reasonable price and their RP Passion 2018 is giving a hard time to its rivals like Honda CD 70 2018, ZXMCO ZX 70 2018 and Ravi Humsafar 70 2018.These have bikes have almost the same specification yet difference in their prices is the major reason for their competition.

The general drawback which is reported by customers still yet is it average build quality and different complains have been reported regarding the unavailability of spare parts as is working on these issues and it is expected that soon they will cope up with the situation.

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