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Road Prince  RP Jeckpot 110 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Road prince RP Jackpot 110 in Pakistan

Road prince motorcycle is known as one of Chinese origin bike manufacturer company in Pakistan.During the recent decade many motorcycle companies have entered in Pakistani automotive industry keeping in view the increasing tendency and acceptance of people to accept bikes other then typical brands like Honda and Yamaha Omega Industries also entered in this sector and introduced their all-new Road prince Jackpot 110 cc a classical bike with attractive design and appealing graphics and an extraordinarily reasonable price.Road prince has no entered the market randomly instead they have worked on the trends in the industry and regarding that, they have introduced different products in different segments of Pakistan industry.Road prince took an initiative with the introduction of a 4 stroke 70 cc bike in Pakistan with the name of Road prince RP 70 Bike 2018 in Pakistan surprisinly company is offering their this product for a very reasonable price in Pakistan.After receiving a positive feedback from the market Road prince company stepped forward an introduced their Road prince RP Jackpot 110cc bike in Pakistan and after this company moved ahead toward its 125 segments and introduced its Road prince RP twister 125 and Road Prince RP Euro II 125.The story does not end here and progress continued to strive and introduced two innovative products that challenged the 150 cc segment with all new Road prince RP Wego 150, and Road prince Robinson 150 cc bike.Road prince is also planning to enter into heavy industry sports bikes and has launched their first initiative product by the name of Road prince RX3 250 a pioneer level sports bike.

Background and shining future

Road prince motorcycle is a project by Omega industries who are active in Pakistani since long.They entered in the automotive industries in 1995 when they started to import spare parts from Japan and started their wholesale selling in Pakistan.Later with the passage of time, they started importing spare parts from Taiwan and China as well.With the changing trend of Pakistani industries and fresh youth of omega industries, they finally entered in 2004 and one after the other they are introducing new and quality products in the market.Road prince motorcycle initiated in Pakistan with a vision that they will produce a quality product that will be able to beat in quality to the Japanese product while keeping the prince limited so that every class in Pakistan will be able to own these products.

Specs and Features of Road prince RP Jackpot 110 2018 in Pakistan

Road prince in Pakistan is always eager too introduce some thing more innovates in either way whether it is something new in technology or the price competition road prince has tried to introduce something and because of their this quality they are standing in top ten motorbike manufacturer motorbike companies in Pakistan.Road prince has introduced their RP Jackpot 110 bike in Pakistan with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine able to produce a displacement of 110.This bike is equipped with multi-clutch plate aligned with a 4 gear transmission mode.Road price RP Jackpot 110 has black and red colour in it with attractive features on the fuel tank and side covers along with the capacity of the 10.5-litre fuel tank at a time.Road prince RP Jackpot 110 has the colourful fender, attractive sports design, stylish tail and masked Led headlight.These all features make Road prince RP Jackpot 110 cc an amazing product.Strong rear shocks with the combination of Black cylincer make Road prince RP Jackpot 110 2018 awesome on road.The company has designed its Road prince RP Jackpot 110 2018 lightweight and while designing the seat they have paid attention to the design and have tried level best to make the seat comfortable both for rider and driver.Interestingly the RP Jackpot 110 2018 price in Pakistan is only 47,500 which is very reasonable.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Road prince 110 jackpot has offered their 110 ccs on an extra extraordinary reasonable price in Pakistan because if you compare it with any other brand 110 cc bike then I think you will hardly find any other competitive price.Through our website, we try to provide  maximum correct information but to err is human to keep it in view minor changes in specifications can be there depending on the models and availability,

RP Jackpot 110 2018 has few highlighted drawbacks which involve its poor build quality and is lightweight as off reviews from some customers minor complains about balance have been received especially when it attains a high speed.Secondly, since it is a new company in the market so its service centres are not easily available and there is an issue regarding the availability of spare parts as is planning to manufacture their spare parts by themselves and it is expected that soon company will cope up with these issues. 

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