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Road Prince Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Road Prince Bikes

Road Prince is a popular Chinese Motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan which is getting recognized among the consumers of Pakistan for producing fuel efficient and competitive price Road Prince Bikes. The design of all the bikes manufactured by this known Chinese bike manufacturer in Pakistan is appealing and aggressive. The Road Prince bike price is competitive and reasonable is the main reason behind the popularity of this Chinese bike brand in Pakistan. The consumers who are interested in checking the latest prices, features, and specs of the Road Prince Motorcycles available in Pakistan can simply visit This website is considered among one of the top online price comparison websites in Pakistan which are working to help the consumers of Pakistan to know the price of their desired product in an effortless manner.

The popular Road Prince bike models available in Pakistan include bikes like Road Prince RP70, RP Wego 150, Road Prince Jackpot 110, Road Prince Twister 125, Road Prince Robinson 150, Road Prince RP70 Bullet and Road Prince RP125 EURO II. All these bikes are available at a competitive price tag for the consumers of Pakistan. The Road Prince RP 70 price is Rs.41,500 which is considered to be quite competitive as compared to other local Chinese brand motorbikes in Pakistan having similar engine specs and features. This bike comprises of a similar design language like many other local brand 70cc motorbikes. They have also launched another 70cc bike by the name of Road Prince Bullet 70 whose price in Pakistan is Rs.44,000. Both the 70cc Road Prince bikes in Pakistan have an extravagant fuel economy which is quite impressive for a Chinese brand motorbike manufacturer.

Road Prince Pakistan has introduced two 125cc motorbikes in Pakistan by the name of Road Prince 125 EURO II and Road Prince Twister 125. Both these bikes comprise of an appealing design with catchy graphics on the fuel tank and side covers. The price of Road Prince 125 EURO II in Pakistan is Rs.72,500 which is competitive as compared to known brand 125cc motorbikes available in Pakistan. Road Prince Twister 125 price in Pakistan is Rs.104,000. Both these 125cc Road Prince Motorbikes have a normal resale value in the local motorbike industry of Pakistan. These bikes are easily available at local motorbike showrooms in Pakistan. In case you need to compare the price, specs, and features of these 125cc motorbikes of Road Prince, you can simply visit

This known Chinese motorbike manufacturing company also have launched 150cc Road Prince bikes in Pakistan which include bikes like Road Prince Wego 150 and Road Prince Robinson 150. Both these bikes feature an aggressive design language along with competitive price tag. The price of Road Prince Wego 150 in Pakistan is Rs.1,80,000, which is quite high as compared to other 150cc bikes in Pakistan. Road Prince Robinson 150 price in Pakistan is Rs.200,000. The popular Road Prince sports bike in Pakistan is Road Prince RX3 250, which features a sporty and appealing look overall. The price of this sports bike by Road Prince is Rs.4,15,000.

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