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Ravi Humsafar Plus 70cc Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Humsafar Plus 70 cc bike by Ravi Motors in Pakistan

Ravi motorcycles is among many struggling Chinese assembled motorbike manufacturer in market who are striving hard t establish themselves n Pakistani market by their innovative and quality product.They have entered in Pakistani market with complete research about average consumer Pakistani market demand and has offered their products accordingly.They have entered in a variety of sectors like for their 70 cc segment Ravi motorcycles have introduced two varieties the first one is Ravi Humsafar 70 cc and the other one is Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc both have the difference in price especially due to design.And the third innovative 70 CC product launched by Ravi motorcycles is there all new Ravi storm R1.Interestingly Ravi motorcycles have also entered in 125 segments with their stylish and equipped with latest specs and feature New Piaggio storm 2018 a new trend setter in 125 segments.The story does not end here Ravi motor have also stepped into 150 cc segment with their extraordinary stylish pioneer sports bike by the name of Ravi Piaggio Derbi a quality product in 150 cc segment in Pakistan which has proven a tough rival to beat in 150 cc market.

Background and bright future of Ravi bikes in Pakistan

Ravi motors which are involved in the manufacture of motorbikes in Pakistan they started in Pakistan in 1951 with their name as Ravi automotive industries and their pioneer business at that time was to manufacture and assemble trucks over the time business expanded and after 1981 they entered in development of other agricultural products.but still, then they were not involved in the manufacture of bikes as the trends in Pakistan changed after 2000 and people started purchasing Japanese assembled bikes in Pakistan Ravi automotive industry also decide to Jump in this segment and introduced their first ever Ravi Humsafar bike in Pakistan that was basically a 70 cc bike.Ravi bikes entered after detail research so they paid special at attention to keep a control on their prices and offered a bike within reasonable price range because while switching to another brand it was the key focus of public to check their prices.People at Ravi motorcycles believe to offer a quality product to their nation serve them and earn a reasonable profit for their stakeholders as well that’s why you can rely on their product if you just have a look at their Ravi Piaggio storm and Ravi Derbi then you will see that it seems that in coming future company will enter in heavy bike segment as well.And last we do not guarantee any information because minor changes in specifications can be there depending on the model.

Specs and Features of Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc 2018 bike in Pakistan

Ravi motors are here to introduce their new Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc 2018 in Pakistan.They have powered their Humsafar Plus 70 cc bike with a 4 stroke single cylinder engine that can produce a displacement of 70 ccs.Togather with a multi wet type clutch Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc has a 4 gear transmission and is among the top 5 selling motorbikes in Pakistan.Ravi motors seems a fan of innovation and they have offered a wide range variety of color in their 70 cc bike like Blue,Grey,Red and Black color as well all the colors of Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc bike has been decorated with vibrant color graphics on the fuel tank which make this bike look more appealing and attractive.Humsafar Plus 70cc 2018 has been designed to keep in view the comfort of the local public of Pakistanis so they have paid attention to the design of the seat and have broadened it as possible. A fuel tank with a capacity of 9.5 liters make

Humsafar Plus 70cc bike a perfect choice to travel on a long route without the tension of petrol running out.Ravi Humsafar plus bike has an average balance of 82 kgs which help it to maintain balance on the road and let it stand in Pakistan’s top 5 selling motorbikes.The price Ravi Humsafar Plus 70cc 2018 bike in Pakistan is only 43,500 which is very competitive as compared to other available 70 cc bikes in the market.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc has given a hard time to its rivals like Power PK 70 2017 and Super Star 70 2017 in Pakistan these bikes have same specifications but when it comes to the innovation then Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc bike has left behind them due to appealing colours and durable build quality as well.

As per the reviews from those who own a Ravi Humsafar Plus 70 cc they have appreciated the engine and also the quality of parts but they have reported complains like lack of competent mechanics company has taken notice of this issue and are working on it the other highlighted issue is its average resale value.

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