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Pak hero Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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 Price of Pak hero motorbikes in Pakistan

Pak Hero is another Pakistani motorbike manufacture company.Pak Hero is manufacturing its motorbikes for more then a decade currently they have launched Pak Hero 70 cc, Pak Hero 100 cc and Pak Hero 125 in the market.If you want to buy a Pak hero bike or you want to know the detail specification and featured on Pak hero bikes you are cordially invited to visit our website where you can get all the required information very easily.

Background of Pak Hero Motorbikes

Pak Hero is a Pakistani motorbike manufacturer company which is located at 9.5 km away from Dosaco chowk, Sheikhupura road.The company is striving for its position in the automobile industry currently they are manufacturing 3 models of hero motorbikes and also they are involved in the production of spare parts.As we know that the Pakistan automobile industry has become one of the most competitive industries of the world.Different local and international companies are involved in the manufacture of motorbikes and their spare parts.Early around fifteen to twenty years ago there were nominated companies in the market if we wanted to buy a motorcycle like Honda, Yamaha but now the things have changed over time and we are accompanied with numerous designs, color range, style and of course with a range of price as well because different people have different capacities so now with an arrival of these companies in the market it is possible for a local low budget person to buy a motorbike as well.Let's have a look at the models launched by Pak hero briefly so that you may be assisted to take a decision.

Specs and features of Pak Hero PH-70

The first model launched by Pak Hero bikes is Pak Hero PH-70 a combination of slim, unique and quality product.Pak Hero is known as a symbol of quality and durability if we see a number of its satisfied customers.The Pak hero PH-70 is equipped with a 4 stroke single cylinder Air cooled engine with a displacement of 70CC.This model of Pak Hero has wet type multi-clutch plates and a net dry weight of 80 kg.This motorbike has a kick start with a petrol capacity of about 9 liters.All these comforts you can buy from Pak Hero motorbikes within an extremely economical price range of RS 38,500.Pak Hero motorbikes have mainly focused on a budget so that their product should be beneficiary to the locals of Pakistan.If you see the stylish graphics on the motorbike then you will see how elegant is the symbol Pak Hero looks.If you see the headlight design of Pak Hero 70cc 2014 model you will come to know how sporty look does it has and the bright red color also the sign of valor and bravery is originally designed for the Pakistani Heroes.

Specs and features of Pak Hero PH-100

The second model prepared by the Pak Hero motorbikes is PH-100 CC is powered by a 4 stroke engine and a displacement of 100 ccs. Pak hero motorbike company introduced this model in the year 2015 with a sporty headlight at the front.The colorful graphics on the fuel tank make it look more stylish and elegant as well as vibrant.Its 100 cc bikes as all the specifications and features have all those factors which any other bike has.Pak Hero bikes are more likely appreciated by the public because of their resale value because everyone wants to invest his or her money no one want to break it.

Pak Hero 100 cc is also introduced with a loader in the Pakistani market and that is the major source of this bike success.This motorbike by Pak hero is available in two vibrant color combinations of black and red an minor touch of yellow add on the funky look of Pak hero motorbikes.

Specs and features of Pak Hero PK 125

And finally, the highly appreciated model from the market is its Pak Hero PH-125.The foremost attractive feature f this motorbike is its price.Almost Pak hero PH-125 has all the specifications like other 125 bikes including a 4 stroke single cylinder build with multi wet clutch plates but the thing which makes it different from any other bikes is it a price that is only 90000.And people prefer to buy it because of its quality.Pak Hero PH-125 has a fuel tank of 12l capacity and is kick start as well.In the coming feature, the company is planning to launch its more advanced models as soon as they will be available we will update you on our website.

Pak Hero is also involved in the manufacture of spare parts of motorbikes like brake shows leathers etc.If you want to know in detail about specifications of these bikes and you want to compare them with other available models in the market then you are invited to visit our website where you can compare it with other companies bike and can get a comparison price and feature vice as well.

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