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Osaka Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Osaka Motorbikes price in Pakistan models

Osaka bikes have launched their four models for their valued customers from Pakistan namely they are Osaka AF 70 Economy, Osaka AF 70 Thunder and Osaka AF 125.If you are interested to know the details of features Osaka bikes are offering in their all three models then you can get all these details on our website, where complete information about Osaka AF70 Economy, Osaka AF 125 thunder and Osaka AF 125 is available.You should have a look at all details before making any final decision.

Background of Osaka company

Osaka company has been serving its customers for the last 6 decades.They are well known for developing their spare parts and supplying it to the automobile industry.Osaka automobile Pvt limited is one of the few spare part exporters of Pakistan who is sending their spare parts to Afghanistan as well.They have manufactured their motorbikes on the latest technology and have provided the local public with a combination of class and quality in a package within a competitive market rate as compared to other available motorbikes brands in Pakistan.

With an advancement of the automobile industry, people have become more choosy as they are provided with a number of choices and different rates so they prefer to research first.In such a competitive scenario it is very difficult for the new motorbike companies to establish themselves in the market and come across the established companies like Honda, Yamaha, RAVI, Road prince and a lot more.

If we even just talk about there are a number of automobile companies So the Osaka motorbike has come in this industry with a vision to provide a durable, reliable and efficient motorbike to help their local public.For developing your more trust it should be in your notice that the Osaka motorbike is certified by Pakistan Engineering Development Board(EDB) for the production of quality motorbikes and spare parts as well.

Currently, the company has launched its three models lets have a look at them a bit more deeply to justify.

Specs and features of Osaka AF 70 Economy

The first model launched by the company is Osaka AF 70 Economy as you can see even in the name the word economy is there which shows Osaka company ‘s particular interest towards their valuable customers.This motorbike of Osaka is equipped with a 4 stroke non-smoke producing an engine with 70 cc engine displacement.The most prominent feature of all Osaka bikes is their six-month warranty of engine.That actually shows their confidence in their product that they are not afraid of Pakistan’s bumpy roads instead they are also giving a peace of mind to their customers as well.Osaka AF70 Economy has a comfortable seat with an elegant color combination of black and red.

Specs and features of Osaka AF70 Thunder

Osaka AF70 Thunder has an aggressive sporty look because of its up righted front head lights.And if we talk about the elegant graphics on the fuel tank then there are no words to express it.The motorbike has an extraordinary grip on the road which makes your drive more comfortable and smooth.Osaka AF70 Economy has a fuel tank capacity of 9 liters and has an average weight of 82 kgs.The motorbike is equipped with a 4 gear transmission and is available for only a price of 47000rs.This Osaka motorcycle is highly liked by those customers who are bothered about looks and want to buy a sports bike but due to the budget, they Can not buy.

Specs and features of Osaka AF 125

Last but not the least Osaka AF125 is equipped with a 4 stroke Air cooled petrol engine.Bikes are decorated with innovative graphics on the fuel tank and a stylish speedometer as well.The prominent features involve a stylish headlight and a comfortable seat keeping in view the backbone frame of rider.It is designed in such a way that the riders back will be straight and he will not be subjected to any muscular pain issues.Osaka AF125 is highly demanded by the public especially because of its economical fuel consumption along with its reasonable price.This extraordinary stylish and durable Osaka motorbike is available for its customer at the price of only 72000RS.

Generally, in the market, the price of 125 of all motorbikes is much more but Osaka has retained its quality within the range of reasonable price for the public.and this factor is a cause of their publicity and success of automobile industry.

And if you also want to become part of Osaka motorcycle family you get a detailed information about the prices of all available models, The dealers of Osaka AF70 Economy, Osaka AF thunder and Osaka AF125 you get all this information through our website www.comparebox .pk.Here on our website, you can also make a comparison of specifications and features of Osaka bikes with all other competitors in the market you can get a step by step comparison through our website which will definitely help you to take an economical and wise decision.


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