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Metro Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Metro motorbikes in Pakistan

Metro motorbike has appeared in the Pakistani bikes industry in the last 15 years.And they are manufacturing a number of motorcycles one after the other.Currently, they have launched a few products in the market which are Metro Premier 70 cc plus, Metro TEZ RAFTAR 70 CC plus, Metro MR 100, Metro Dabang, Metro MR 125, Metro MR 70.If you want to know in detail about specifications and features of these metro motorbikes or you want to know about prices of these metro bikes you should visit our website

Overview of Metro motorbikes 2018

Specs and features of Metro Premier 70 cc plus

Metro bikes have introduced their Metro Premier 70 cc 2018 model with a 4stroke SOHC, air cooled engine with a paring of multi wet clutch plates.Metro premier 70 cc bike has a fuel-efficient engine and is available in red and black colour.This Metro 70 cc is kick start and has appealing graphics on the fuel tank with an average capacity of 8.5 litres.This motorbike has been designed by keeping in view the comfort of their local public and the comfort of backbone frame and has a strong grip on the road which makes the ride comfortable for its new riders.The price for Metro premier 70 cc is only RS 43000.That is very competitive its rivals in the market and for this reason, Metro premier 70 ccs is giving a hard time to its rivals.

Specs and Features of Metro Dabang Euro II 70cc

In a world of variety and range metro motorbikes is building the new design in 70cc series by the name of Metro Dabang  This model is equipped with a 4 stroke engine cylinder 70 ccs with a manual wet clutch plate and 4 gear forward and backward transmission.This motorbike has a petrol capacity of 8.5 litres.This model is equipped with a stylish speedometer, Euro technology and appealing graphics on the tank.This motorbike will give an extraordinary competition to its rivals like Power PK 70 and Super Star with the most competitive price of 2018 and that is only 39500RS.

Specs and features of Metro tez Rafftar 70 cc.

Metro bikes have introduced their new tez rafftar motorbike which is fully equipped with latest features like wifi link, mobile recharging, side stands alarm, waterproof safety bag and is available in a vibrant red and black colour.The front of this model is equipped with a stylish speedometer the most prominent feature is that company is providing one warranty for the spare parts.Metro tez rafftar is equipped with manual wet clutch plate with 70 cc engine displacement have an 8.5-litre fuel tank capacity and a reserve of 1.5 litres.The new model of Metro bike 2018 has an extraordinarily appealing look and sticker on the tank.

Specs and features of Metro MR 100 CC

Another milestone towards success is the product launched by metro bike is Metro MR 100 CC.The new model of Metro Mr 100 is not yet confirmed by metro bikes but its expected to be within the range of a common man and has an approximate price range of 49,600RS.Metro MR 100 cc is equipped with a 4 stroke engine and has a stylish taillight at the back.This bike is designed to keep in view the comfort of its customers with an extraordinarily stylish sporty look.This sports bike is an ideal choice for a middle-class person who wants to buy a quality product in an economical range.

Specs and Features of Metro MR 125 CC.

Last but not the least in the Metro bikes have introduced their Metro MR 125 to compete for 125cc other in the market.This stylish model is available in two vibrant colour red and black with an extraordinarily appealing graphics on the fuel tank.The price of Metro MR 125 CC is as low as the price of a 70 cc motorbike This model is powered by a 125 cc cylinder engine.Other prominent features involve as stylish speedometer, one year warranty of spare parts, wifi link, waterproof safety bag, mobile phone charger, side stand alarm and a 125 cc engine displacement.

Metro bikes are providing bikes in an economical range but they have a number of lacks as well including low build quality of spare parts along with that there is lack of spare parts in the market as well.

If you are interested to buy any model of metro bikes you are likely appreciated to visit our website, where you can find details and specifications, features metro bikes 2018.You can also have a look at its feature in detail through our website you can also compare its specifications, features and price with other competitive models in the market.We will recommend you to have a detailed analysis before taking any final decision to save your money from any wrong investment.

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