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Kawasaki Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Kawasaki sports bikes in Pakistan

Kawasaki sports bike started its operation dated back in 1966 when at the beginning they started their work with two small bikes and at the time they did not have any resource they started by making an old meat house as their warehouse and the owner was requesting the dealers to sell their bikes but at that time they realized that the riders in market are looking for something new and powerful they do not want the traditional sets and here company had a retrench and they offered their two bikes by the name of Ninja and Avengers this was the time when the symptoms started appearing that Kawasaki sports bike will develop there own name and history of the world. And once they will be among the worlds leading motorbike manufacturer companies. Over the span of time of time Kawasaki motorcycles have indulged themselves in many business majors among them involves the manufacture of engines for sports water boats and along with that they are offering a wide range of spare parts as well this was only for your information as this article is particularly about Kawasaki sports bikes in Pakistan so we will talk about them. Kawasaki motors have an extensive range of bikes across the world but during the last decade, they have officially launched their few models in Pakistan as per the trends and demands of the Pakistani public. Lets have a brief overview of Kawasaki motorcycles introduced in Pakistan.

Kawasaki motorbikes are stylish and unique

Kawasaki motorcycle has launched a few models in Pakistan before we start to have an overview of these products in Pakistan I would like to mention here that as these are globally exported so the some of the specs offered in these bikes vary area wise we would like to tell you the generic specs. The foremost model offered by Kawasaki bikes for Pakistan is its Ninja h2 in Pakistan.One of the most powerful and stylish sports bike model offered by Kawasaki motorcycles in their Ninja h2 that has been launched with 998 cc super recharge engine and has been launched in 2015. With an aggressive and stylish look, Ninja h2 has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 400 km per hour this is something awesome to ride on it this is not a toy to play with you have to be a fast rider if you want to try it. Kawasaki motorbike has been equipped with ABS and disc brakes as well with the availability in stylish color and this bike is available in Pakistan for 2,650,000 Rs. The second model offered by Kawasaki motors for Pakistani public is there Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R in Pakistan. A powerful sports bike that has a competitive price in Pakistani market and is available for a price of 1,235000. Before we will mention its specs I will like to tell you that this bike is available in Pakistan in only parrot green color a sign of Ninja. Anyhow, this a Kawasaki sports bike has a 636 cc engine displacement and has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 263 km per hour. Interesting fact about this bike is it has an excellent mileage of 18 km per liter.

They are impressive

Moving forward to the third model by Kawasaki motorcycles is there Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10 R another 1000 cc powerful sports bike model that has been launched with a comparatively wide range of colors as well the price is quite less than the other model of Kawasaki motors in Pakistan. The maximum speed that you can attain with this model is 290 km per hour and it has been equipped with disc brakes as well as ABS as well to make your journey secure. After this, the next model Kawasaki motorcycles has offered in Pakistan is their Kawasaki Ninja 300R a model that has been launched with 296 cc engine displacement and you can say one of the low priced model as well in Pakistani market is their Kawasaki Ninja 300 r. A six-speed gear transmission and a top speed of 182 km per hour you will for sure love this model by Kawasaki motorcycle as it has been equipped with all basics of a sports bike and has a wide color range as well with fuel efficiency as well.

A wide range of Kawasaki bikes in Pakistan

The next model launched by Kawasaki is their Ninja 250 SL a stylish bike of 250 cc category that has been equipped with a powerful engine as well as powerful feature in Pakistan the company has designed it with care and installed in the built-in ABS and disc brake and thus they have made the bike one of most efficient bikes of time.

Kawasaki motor has offered wide range according to different categories like their Kawasaki Ninja 400 is 400 cc bike that has been launched with attractive and unique color range along with that it has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 180 km per hour. The interesting fact about this bike is that it has 40 km per liter average mileage something really appreciable about the bike. The last model offered by Kawasaki motor in Pakistan is there Ninja ZX 600 R a 636 liquid cooled sports bike in Pakistan that has been launched with an overall fuel efficiency of 17 km per liter a powerful bike with wide range of color and can attain speed more then 200 has all the features like ABS and disc brakes and most above of all the price of this bike in Pakistan is around 1,560,000 Rs.

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