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Honda Bikes Pridor Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Honda Pridor bike price in Pakistan

When it comes to the name of Honda how can they stay back in any segment of motorbikes industry?So in order to give a tough time to 100 cc market, the Honda company introduce their Pridor bike.They have designed it with a combination of style and comfort.If you are interested to buy Honda Pridor or want to buy any product from Atlas Honda company you should visit our website, where you can find details of all the relevant information.

Background and Future of Honda Pridor

Honda Pridor 2018 is a 100 c motorbike introduced by Atlas Honda which is a merger of a Japanese automobile company and Pakistani famous business group Atlas Honda.which means that company is using Japanese technology to manufacture its products and throughout the world, Japan is well renowned for its quality and durability.And same is the case with Atlas Honda they have also built their reputation as the most quality and durable motorbike suppliers of Pakistan.Honda is offering different model as per the segment like for the 70cc range they have introduced CD 70 and CD 70 Dream.While in order to compete for 100cc range they have introduced Pridor bike 2018 while for  125 range they have introduced 125 CG motorbikes.In short, Honda is giving very tough time to its rival in all context.Generally, the company is manufacturing Honda pridor at its Sheikhpura plant which is near to Lahore.But before you take a final decision that you should buy a Honda Pridor bike or not you should have a look at its specifications and features.

Specs and features of Honda Pridor bike 2018

When it comes to 100 cc range Atlas Honda is standing on the front row by its innovative and stylish Honda Pridor.Honda company has given a minor sporty look to its 100 ccs motorbike and if see their 70 ccs so it's completely different and innovative.The Honda company has powered their Pridor 2018 with a 4 stroke OHC Air-cooled cylinder with a maximum displacement 97.1 cm.Pridor has five-speed constant mesh and is kick-starter.This bike has a sporty cylinder and bright Led light with a mask on it.This motorbike is powered with a sleek and contoured fuel tank with stylish graphics on the side cover and is available in two vibrant colors red and black.This bike has a stylish LED lights and has comfortable and wide leather seats.This motorbike is decorated with a stylish speedometer and black painted muffler exhausts with garnish.This bike is equipped with powerful shock absorbers which help to sustain Pridor bike through the bumps of Pakistanis road.And let it rider enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted comfortable ride.Atlas Honda has worked on its engine to make it more fuel efficient as it is the first priority of customers while they buy any new product. As compared to specification and features the price of this Pridor bike is only 86,500 RS.This motorbike has a  fuel capacity of 9 liters with a reserve capacity of 1.5 liters.This time Honda company have tried to keep its price range economical so that it is in the range of ever  Honda lover.And as we have discussed the main prominent feature of all Honda bikes is fuel efficiency that is unchallengeable by any other company.Honda company has used modern and value-added fuel cock design that enables this motorbike to produce an extraordinary fuel mileage.

The competitor of Honda Pridor 2018

Atlas is giving a very tough time to its rivals.A wide range of companies are striving to produce something extraordinary product like Honda Pridor but they are unable to beat its extraordinary mileage which only Honda products can give.Generally, in market New Suzuki Raider 110 and sprinter eco 110 but they both are quite expansive as compared to Honda Pridor.If you just compare the weight of Honda Pridor and Suzuki Rider 110 ccs then you will come

To know that Honda Pridor is almost 5 kg heavier and that factor of weight matters a lot when it comes to balancing a bike on the road.Honda Pridor 2018 is designed with a cradle frame pattern while Suzuki rider has backbone frame type and there is a huge margin of price in these two products which supports  all the votes to Honda Pridor.

If you have decided to buy Honda Pridor 2018 or any other product from Honda company then we will advice you that before finalizing your decision just once you should visit our website www.comparebox.p,k where you will be entertained with a number of options you can make make a comparison of Honda Pridor with all other available models you can also add on the name of models with which you can have a comparison of your specified product and choose which products suits you the best.All the priced are regularly updated to keep you in touch with latest changes and also you can trace the nearest dealer in your area and can take a decision regarding your pocket as well your mental  satisfaction.

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