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Honda Bikes Deluxe Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Honda Deluxe motorbike in Pakistan

Atlas Honda the leaders of motorbike industry are always curious to entertain their fans with new and fascinating products in the market.In this era of innovation, our youth is crazy about stylish motorbikes.Keeping it in mind Atlas Honda has designed it's all-new Honda Deluxe that is basically a 125 cc engine with the completely different look and enhanced features.If you want to buy Honda Deluxe or if you want to know about the price of Honda Deluxe 2018 model or the previous model then you should visit our website where you can find all the specification and details.You can also see the price of Honda Deluxe in Pakistan through our website.

Background and Overview of Honda Deluxe 2018 in Pakistan

Atlas Honda is among renowned Pakistani motorbike manufacturer know for their quality products within the country as well as they are also indulging in the export of motorbikes to Bangladesh and Afghanistan.The Atlas Honda company is serving the Pakistani nation since 1962 and are well aware of the taste and demand of their followers.That’s why the Atlas Honda company never disappoint its customers they have continued their traditional Honda CG 125 model but along with that keeping in view the demand of their those value customers who are fond of style and innovation the Atlas Honda company has introduced its all-new Deluxe 125 cc bike which is completely different from its previous Honda CG 125 product and this has been the strongest reason among the success of Honda Deluxe.The company has not overlooked its traditional specialties especially the quality of being most fuel-efficient motorbike and quality built in parts as well.Atlas Honda is preparing it is all new Honda Deluxe at its plant near Lahore.One of the major reason for the success of all Honda products is that as soon as they introduce a product in the market along with that they also deploy its spare parts in order to comfort their customers.Before finalizing the decision of purchasing Atlas Honda bike we will recommend you to have an overview of it.

Specifications and Features of Honda Deluxe motorbike

Honda deluxe 2018 is powered by modern powerful 125 cc OHV engine together meshed with a 5 gear manual transmission mode.The company has completely changed its traditional look and has modified to sporty look by changing fuel tank design backbone frame.Atlas Honda has increased the weight of Honda Deluxe 2018 to 112 kg which is a major reason for its strong grip on the road.Honda Deluxe is decorated with Aero Dynamic cowl accompanied with Backlight.And how can you forget to have a look at its speedometer that is upgraded with an addition of trip meter and fuel gauge?This elegantly designed motorbike is available currently in two vibrant colors black and red both are the signs of valor and bravery.The high speed achieved by Honda Deluxe 2018 can be controlled with the front disk brake.This is something that enhances the price and specialty of this model by Honda.This feature of dist brake enhances the grip of Honda Deluxe motorbike on the road and let its customers enjoy a smooth and tension free journey. Atlas Honda has not overlooked the rear side they have used Black painted muffler exhaust which compliments the sporty look of this motorbike.Atlas Honda has also enhanced the capacity of the fuel tank to 12 liters which help to reduce the stress of refill again and again.Currently, this model is available in kick-start transmission and in the coming model company is also planning to introduce vibrant yellow color with a combination of black that will surely complement its sporty look.

Competitors of Honda Deluxe 2018 in Pakistan

Honda has always given a tough time to its rivals whether it is automobile industry or motorbike industry.Same is the case here already Honda CG 125 was giving a tough time and the company introduced a more innovative product.Generally, Metro MR125 and ZXMCO 125 are its rivals they have the engine with the same specification but when it comes to the quality of product and the disc brake feature then it is only offered in Honda Deluxe 2018.The price for Honda Deluxe 2018 is only 125,000 which is nothing as compared to the product they are offering.Honda Deluxe has only one drawback that as a new product currently its resale is not as much its other models have.

If you are planning to own a Honda Deluxe motorbike then we will suggest you to first check all the details and specifications of Honda Deluxe secondly make a comparison of it with other available products in the market with the same specification as it will help you to find a better option.You can do all this through our website, where you can find all relevant information along with that you can also locate the dealer in your nearest locality through our website.







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