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Honda Bikes CG 125 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Price of Honda CG 125 in Pakistan

Atlas Honda a name of trust for Pakistani public.People are sure that whatever the product Atlas Honda is going to introduce that will be durable and fuel efficient.In order to maintain the trust of their loyal customers, Honda company is always trying to introduce something new and more innovative as compared to the previous one.Within the segment of 125 motorbikes, Honda has launched it Honda CG 125 cc motorbike.If you are interested to buy Honda CG 125 then you should visit our website www.comparebox .pk, where you can have a look at its specifications and features and available models in it.

Background and future plan for Honda CG 125 motorbike

Honda CG 125 is another quality product for those customers who like t be fast and furious.Atlas Honda is using Japanese quality product and techniques as they are directly linked with the Japanese Automobile Honda company.They have basically made a merger with the famous Atlas business group in Pakistan and since last 5 decades they are serving Pakistani nation with a wide range of motorbikes as well as they are also involved in the manufacture of spare parts that enhance the quality of their products as well this is one of the major reason for the increased resale value of their products.Atlas Honda has its two operating units in Pakistan which have an average production of more than one million products every year.Honda company is also involved in the manufacture of a number of

70 ccs products like CD 70, CD 70 Dream, Along with it the company is involved in the manufacture of 100 cc bike which is known by the name of Honda Pridor bike in Pakistan and when it comes to125 cc they are involved in the manufacture of 250 ccs motorbikes as well.As the designs of Atlas Honda are highly liked by the public so generally, they are not making major changes in the design of their motorbikes.You can notice these changes by looking at its comparative model Honda CG 125, New Honda CG 125 2018 MODEL and even as per the rumours company is not going to change major designs in its Honda CG 125 2019.Let’s have a detailed look at Honda CG 125 features before you will make a final decision.

Specification and Features of Honda CG 125 2018

Honda has used latest Euro technology and powered this Honda CG 125 bike with 4 strokes OHV air-cooled cylinder.This model by Honda is designed with a stylish speedometer and has a 4 gear transmission and is kick start in operation.Honda is offering three innovative colors in it.CG 125 the first being a combination of vibrant red and black, The second design has an attractive color combination of blue and black with attractive graphics and the Honda logo on the fuel tank.And the third color combination is unique and rare there are attractive graphics of orange and blue color on the fuel tank and the remaining side is in black color.The fuel tank of Honda CG 125 has a capacity of 9.2 liters among which there is a reserve capacity of around two liters.The beauty of Honda CG 125 is enhanced with modern black painted muffler exhaust that produces such a breathtaking sound and adds on to the confidence of its rider.This bikes has comfortable and wide seat bar as per the Pakistani public and has a strong rear wheel grip on the road. Honda CG 125 2018 has only minor changes as compared to its previous models.

Competitors of Honda CG 125 in Pakistan

Although Honda has placed himself in the core heart of Pakistanis yet different motorbikes companies are striving to compete for the sale and quality of Honda CG 125.General competitors of Honda CG 125 involves metro MR 125 2018, Yamaha YBR 125 2018. If we make a price comparison of all these three products we will come to know that Metro MR 125 is available for 75000 and Yamaha is available for 129,000 so Honda has maintained its price in between a reasonable range and the price of Honda CG 125 in Pakistan is only 106,500.And if we have a look at fuel efficiency then even Honda challenges to provide an average of 60 km per liter while the other two have a maximum mileage of 50 km per liter.It is a major difference.

Ultimately if you are the one who has decided to buy a Honda CG 125 bike then we will suggest having a look at its detailed specification and features through our website,We will also suggest you make a comparison of Honda CG 125 with other available products in the market and after having complete analysis take a decision that suits you best according to your will and your pocket as well.For sure Honda products wont let you down.You can also find the nearest dealer to your location through our website.


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