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Honda Bikes CD70 dream Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Honda CD 70 Dream price in Pakistan

No one in Pakistan is nonfamiliar with the name of Atlas Honda and their products.One among many successful products from Atlas Honda is CD 70 Dream.Already Honda has introduced is CD 70 motorbike but for those who are fond of innovation and style Honda has introduced, it's all-new Honda CD 70 Dream.A combination of quality and style.If you are interested to know about Honda CD 70 Dream or more products from Honda company we will recommend you to visit our website, where you can find all the latest updates and available models along with the price of Honda CD 70 Dream price in Pakistan.

Background and Future of Honda CD 70 Dream in Pakistan

When it comes to Atlas Honda then there is no need of introduction or them in the motorbike industry.They have been serving the Pakistani nation from more than 50 years together with the collaboration of Japanese automobile company they are serving Pakistani local public with the quality product in economical range and within the range of their customers as well.The atlas Honda company is not only involved in the manufacture of bikes but along with them, they are serving their value customer with spare parts as well in order to provide them with products that have long lives and will comfort their owners.Honda CD 70 Dream has minor changes in specifications as compared to Honda CD 70 but it has the completely different look and this being the most important reason for the success of Honda CD 70 Dream 2018 in Pakistan.Honda company is also involved in the manufacture of a lot more products except Honda CD 70 Dream like they are involved in the manufacture of Honda CG 125 then Honda DELUXE 125 then for 100 cc motorbike they are offering its Honda Pridor.In short in every segment of motorbike industry, Atlas Honda is competing by providing quality products.The reason for being successful of Atlas Honda is their durable products then the fuel efficiency which their Japanese engines are providing is still incompatible from any other motorbike company in Pakistan.The second most prominent reason is its resale value generally in Pakistani market Honda products have the highest resale value because of Quality and its spare parts are also available which increases the life of Atlas Honda motorbikes hundred times more.Before you take a final decision that whether you should buy a Honda CD 70 Dream motorbike or not.

Specifications and features of Honda CD 70 Dream 2018

When we talk about Honda CD 70 Dream a stylish slim and slique motorbike comes to our mind.Honda has changed its complete look from traditional CD 70 design and transformed it to a new and innovative model as per the name it is undoubtedly a dream bike.This motorbike has a 4 stroke modern HI-TECH Econo power engine that can give a displacement of even 72 cm.This bike Honda CD 70 Dream is equipped with multi wet clutch plates and has a new and stylish speedometer.This model is decorated with stylish graphics on the fuel tank and obviously, the sign of Atlas Honda is twinkling on the fuel tank ].It is available for its fans in three in three innovative combinations the first being red and black, the second one is Black with light blue graphics on the fuel tank and side cover and the third is unique in itself a combination of grey graphics and Black.The fuel tank has a capacity of 8.6 liters.One among many distinguished features is metallic front fender that improves its durability.Atlas Honda has not overlooked the back side they have used sporty look chrome muffler exhaust along with thicker spokes on the rear wheels which provide the firm grip on the road.And the price of this world-class motorbike Honda CD 70 Dream 2018 in Pakistan is only 67,500 which is very reasonable as compared to the quality of the product.

Competitors of Honda CD 70 Dream in Pakistan

A lot of companies have introduced their 70 cc motorbikes in the past two decades and they all are striving to compete Honda one of the major competitors is Metro MR 70 CC motorbikePower PK 70 although these two motorbikes compete in displacement to Honda CD 70 Dream and have quite a low price they have a number of lacks like their manufacturing quality is not up to the mark they have repairing issues.There is something extraordinary in Honda CD 70 Dream for which people overlook the price because of its only one-time investment and then you will have a lifelong comfort.

If you have to make up your mind to own a Honda CD 70 2018 bike then we will suggest you check its detailed specifications and features band also have a look at its comparative products through our website, our website will also assist you in finding the nearest dealer in your locality as well as you can see latest updated prices through our website.d


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