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Honda Bikes CD70 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan

When it comes to the name of Honda CD 70 I think hardly we can find someone who does not know about it.Every Pakistani from upper to lower class knows about Atlas Honda CD 70 Motorbike.If you want to buy Honda CD 70 and want to know specification and features of Honda CD 70 or you want to know the price of Honda CD 70 2018 you should considerably check our website, where you can find the detail of all these and can also get other relevant information.

Background and Future of Honda CD 70

Honda CD 70 is among the pioneer products launched by Atlas Honda which is a joint venture of a renowned Japanese automobile company Honda with one of Pakistan’s largest Business group Atlas.Honda CD 70 is among the earliest products Atlas Honda introduced in the market and even after the decade it is among the highest demanded 70 cc motorbike in Pakistan.You can have an estimate of Honda CD 70 from here that Atlas Honda has there two manufacturing plants in the country and among that two one is completely dedicated to the production of Honda CD 70 motorbikes.As per an estimate the company is almost producing 1 million motorbike units per anum and also exporting its products to the neighboring companies like Bangladesh and Afghanistan.The Honda company is also involved in the manufacture of its spare parts that is one of the strongest reason for being a quality product.Beyond the manufacture of Honda CD 70 the company is also involved in the manufacture of a number of other products like Honda CG 125, Honda CB 150CC, Pridor, Honda CD 70 dream in short in the past 50years the company has offered a wide range of motorbikes to its lovers and is receiving the highest loyalty from all over Pakistan.And Honda company will continue the manufacture of their CD 70 model in the year 2018 as well.Let’s have a deep in look at the specification and features offered IN Honda CD 70.

Specification and Features of Honda CD 70

Honda company is introducing its CD 70 model every with minor level changes and this is among many reasons for its extraordinary resale value.Public is addicted to Honda CD 70 as per a generic survey still a large number of public exist in Pakistan who says ‘’M ta Honda e la san’.We will have a look at Honda CD 70 2018 model which is powered by a 4 stroke single OHVC air cooled powerful single cylinder engine and it can provide a displacement of 72cm.This bike is equipped with multi wet clutch plates and has 4 gear transmission.Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is kick start and has a sporty muffler exhaust which makes it eco-friendly.This model by Honda is especially known for its durability as the company has paid special attention to develop thicker spokes and durable rear wheels.The fuel tank has a capacity of 8.5 liters and is designed elegantly in a color combination of red and green and the glowing logo of Honda motorbikes on the fuel tank.To enhance the beauty of this model Honda company has done changes in the backlight as well to make its design more innovative.The company is generally focusing on the quality as they have no need to introduce new design every day they already have a huge fan following.

Competitors of Honda CD 70

Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is the toughest rival alot of motorbike manufacture companies are striving hard to build their name in this market like power, super star ,Ghani they all have introduced their 70 cc motorbikes in a very low price some of them are around 38,000 only where as Honda CD 70 2018 model in Pakistan is worth 63,500 RS but no other motorbike is able to give such a fuel efficiency that Honda CD 70 can give It can provide an avaerage mileage of up to 80 km per liter while all other 70 cc bikes companies in Pakistan has an average mileage of 55-60 km per liter so you can feel a big difference which motivates you to pay one time for long run comfort.

Even though there is no doubt in the quality of Honda CD 70 but still there are people who like to see details and proofs and for all those customers we will recommend having a look at our website, where you can not only have a comparison of Honda CD 70 Bike company with other available 70 cc bikes in the company you can also make a comparison of features, price with other bikes in the company.And last but not the least through our website you can find the trustable dealers in your nearest location.




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