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Honda Bikes CBR 500R Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Price of Honda CBR 500R in Pakistan

One of the world leading motorbike company which is known for its quality, innovation, and technology.Now one can challenge the quality of Honda, especially in Asian countries.Honda company is always active to introduce new products for the customers to innovate them.As a continuity to their, this effort company has introduced the all-new Honda CBR 500R a new jerk for the racers.If you are the one who wants to buy Honda CBR 500 R 2018 you should surely visit our website, where you can see all the relevant details along with that you can also check the price of Honda CBR 500 R in Pakistan.

Overview and Background

Honda motorbikes are famous throughout the world for the production of motorbikes and automobile as well.Honda is involved in a number of products but in the motorbike sector the company is indulged from 60 years and are always there to introduce new product lines generally for local 70 ccs to 125 cc range they are manufacturing with local merger as in case of Pakistan they have a merger with Atlas group who is using their Japanese technology but assembling it here but in case of expansive range like sports bike and 500cc bikes like Honda CB 500X or the one which we are discussing Honda CBR 500 r they are manufactured by the company it self and are exported to the desired destination across the world.

Honda CBR 500R is expansive in Pakistan the reason being the quality and obviously, it is exported as well so these things add on to the price.Whenever Honda company plan to launch a new product they generally focus on three things.The first one is that the product should have something new and different from the various one they believe in innovation.The second key focus is on the introduction of technology in their products.They are always active towards the introduction of new techniques and the third being that the product should be environment-friendly.Honda company also design its products by keeping in view the maximum safety measures so that their customers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.Before you own a Honda CBR 500 R 2018 bike lets see its features briefly

Specification and Features of Honda CBR 500 R bike in Pakistan

Honda CBR 500 r is equipped with a twin cylinder liquid cooled engine with a maximum displacement of 471 ccs.This bike can start electrically as it has computer-controlled digital transistors.This motorbike has 6 gear transmission and has stylish speedometer .odometer as well.This bike has a new feature that is its LCD screen that will display the warnings condition of its engine time display and much more.The bike has powerful shocks that enable it to ride through bumpy racing tracks along with the disc brakes installed at the front and rear wheel as well which enhances the grip on the road.Honda CBR 500 R has anti-lock braking system as well for its security.As Honda is an Eco-friendly company so they have assembled a stainless steel exhaust in it to avoid pollution.This bike is generally available in pearl white color and sporty seat.Honda CBR 500R has a wide fuel tank with almost the capacity of 17 liters.This bike is heavy in weight and almost has a weight of 194 kg which helps to sustain the balance of bike at a high speed as well.Honda CBR 500 R is a perfect choice for serious bikers in Pakistan.

Beside all these posit-ivies there are some lacks of Honda CBR 500 R as well the prominent among these lacks is its low fuel economy then its spare parts are very expansive and they are not easily available as well.

Competitors of Honda CBR 500 R in Pakistan

Honda has supplied the market with quality product.Its general competitors in the market are Benelli 600cc 2018 and Suzuki GSXR-600 2018 in Pakistan.These bikes have high prices ass compare to Honda CBR 500 R 2018 as it is for 1,250,000 while the other two are more expansive then Honda CBR 500 R in Pakistan.Although all three bikes have a same average mileage of around 10-12 m per liter.Benelli 600 cc 2018 has a completely different look while the other two have some similarities in looks as well.

If you want to own a Honda CBR 500 R then we will suggest you to at least visit once our website and here you can have a detailed look of all features, the available colors with pictures you can also have a video look of Honda CBR 500 R 2018 through our website.You can access the local dealers in your area and you can also check the latest price of Honda CBR 500 R 2018 as our website is conterminously updated.And last but not the least we also provide our customers with the option of making detail comparison of their desired product with other available product in the market and will assist you towards making a wise decision.


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