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Hero Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Hero motorbikes in Pakistan

Hero motorcycles are launched by hero company which is a venture by Fateh group.One of the largest exporters of Pakistan.If you are interested to buy Hero motorcycle or Hero bikes or if you want to know in detail about Hero plus 90 plus or Hero 125 you should visit our website, You can get all the required information like dealers of Hero motorcycles their prices, their specification and along with that, you can also get a comparison of Hero bikes with other relevant products in the market.

Overview of Hero Company

Let’s have an overview of Hero manufacturers.It is a product by Fateh Group.Fateh group has its roots deep inside from the fertile Indus valley their hometown in Hyderabad Sindh.The company established itself in 1952 as a textile mill.Their core business was TO export readymade garments, bed wears and textile fabric.And they are famous worldwide for the manufacturing and export of these products but with the increased globalization and diverse industrial investment, Mr. Anyat Ullah Head of Fateh Group decided to come into different other fields like construction, pharmaceutical and motorbikes as well.

Fateh group made a joint venture with a renowned motorbike manufacturing company and choose a band name of Hero to introduce their motorcycles and tractors as well.The Hero motorbikes are using Japanese technology in their Hero motorcycles in order to perform efficiently and effectively.As they already have a market reputation and they don’t want to get it spoiled.This is their first effort for the local people of their homeland to comfort them with a reasonable and efficient product with a nominal price range.The company as Hero motorcycle has already established its reputation in the market as the second highest selling motorbikes in Pakistan.Hero company is performing all its compulsory task in the country like punching, welding machine, assembling bike chassis, inspection assistance.The company has a full-fledged support from its foreign partners in providing of all technical as well as managerial help.

Hero motorcycle has established their plant again their homeland Hyderabad with a production capacity of100,000 units per years.The company also provide a claim for its spare parts and is working on establishing their outlets everywhere almost they have established their outlets in all the major cities of Pakistan.

Products of Hero company

Hero Motors is also working on the manufacture of developing tractors keeping in view that Pakistan is an agricultural country, They have a venture with a Russian company who is going to assist them in order to develop quality products.


Currently, the Hero bikes are manufacturing four models which are HERO RF70, Hero RF70 PLUS, Hero RF 125 and Hero plus 90.Let's have a look at each of them briefly so that you can have a know-how of the quality products developed by Hero motorcycles.

Specs and features of Hero RF 70 and RF 70 PLUS

Hero RF 70 AND Hero RF 70 plus they are around the price of 40000 to 45000.Both are equipped with a 4 stroke air cooled cylinder, with wet type multi-clutch plate.These hero motorbikes are available with a 4 transmission and have a self and kick start mode available in appealing red and Black color.These motorbikes are a symbol of style and elegance.

Specs and features of Hero 90 plus

Coming towards Hero 90 plus it has a price range of around 44000. It has an aggressive and stylish look which make it different from any other available competitors in the market.Hero 90 plus has a kick start with single 4 stroke engine and a displacement of 70 ccs.The most promising feature of this motorbike is the fuel efficiency that it can cover 60 to 70 km per liter.Which mean that Hero motorbikes are not only saving your money at the time of purchase but also they are maintaining your budget throughout their journey with you.

Specs and features of Hero RF 125 CC

And last but not the least the highly appreciated model by Hero company is one and only Hero RF 125 CC.This model is also available in kick-start with 5 transmission mode.This model of Hero motorbike has an engine displacement of 125 and if you look at the design and the look it is so appealing that you will not bother it cost.A bit sporty touch and the combination of the black bike will genuinely make you feel like a hero when you will be riding on it through up and down and damp roads its grip on the road will make you feel smooth and comfortable.

Hero motorbikes are giving a tough time to nominated companies like Honda even Road prince.If you will have a detail look at the available features and specifications offered by Hero Motorbikes in all their models generally and specifically Hero RF 125 and Hero 90 plus.Then surely will be your first preference to buy it.All this required information is available on our website,  where you can see the videos pictures along with detail information of available models from Hero motorbikes and can also see a comparison of it with other reputed motorbikes in the company.


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