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Grace Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Grace Motorbikes in Pakistan

Grace motorbikes are Pakistani manufactured company which are new on the market.Currently, they have only introduced their 70 cc motorbike with a stylish name of Grace CT 70.If you are interested to know about the other products launched by the company so you should visit our website where you can find detailed information and view product you can also have a view of grace motorcycle and you can also check the price of grace motorbikes in Pakistan through our website.


In the last two decades, Pakistans motorcycle industry has been through many ups and down the reason might be an investment of China in this sector because before that for decades Honda and Yamaha were the sole providers of Motorbikes in Pakistan.They continued their same models for years and even then they were the hot favorite by the public but now the things have changed over time A huge number of Local and Internationale companies have started manufacturing motorbikes in Pakistan.Every year these motorbike companies introduce a new model and compete with their as well as other products in the market.In this competitive market if one wants to enter in Pakistans motorcycle industry then you have introduced something innovative and extraordinary to capture the market.

Background of Grace Motorcycles in Pakistan

Grace motorcycles are new in this industry but they are well aware of trends in the motorcycle industry.Keeping in view this point of you they have introduced a new model in the market including Grace CT 70 and Grace 100 cc.The company introduced its first model in the year 2008.And one after the other they are updating their products to satisfy their customer and produce a quality product.

Specifications and features of Grace CT 70 CC

In the comparison of a lot more other competitive 70 cc motorbikes, it is very hard for one to give introduce its product so Grace motorcycles have given an unbeatable price for its product and are offering a 70 cc motorbike for only 38000 RS.This 70 cc grace bike is powered by a 4 stroke single cylinder and has an average displacement of 70 ccs.This model by Grace motorbikes is equipped with multi wet clutch plates has an attractive graphics on the fuel tank with available in an eye-catching combination of Black and green, Black with blue graphics color.This effort by Grace motorbikes has made true the dream of the lower middle-class person of Pakistan to own a motorbike of its own.Price of grace motorbikes will probably the major reason for its success in the motorbike industry, This motorcycle has been designed by keeping in view the infrastructure of Pakistani road and is capable of providing an extraordinary grip on the road.

Specs and features of Grace 100 cc motorbike

To compete the 100 cc range grace motorbikes have introduced their Grace 100 cc motorbike.This model by Grace motorbikes is powered by a 4 stroke single cylinder engine and a displacement of 100 ccs.The most attractive feature of this motorbike that makes it different from other available products in the market is its vibrant color range which has colors like the blue and black combination, red and black combination, black and purple combination, yellow and black combination.


Grace motorbike is also offering the number of other products in the market like they have introduced The heavy engine 150 cc loader in the market which is the hot favorite product of small scale as well as large-scale businessmen and is a source of income for a large number of public.Another product which they are planning to introduce in the year 2018 is grace generators as everyone knows that Pakistan is a country with electric shortfall so generators have become the basic necessity of almost every home and workplace.Grace motorbikes are also going to introduce grace rikshaw to comfort local public of Pakistan with a nominal price range.

Specs and Features of Grace motorbike 2018 CT 150 and Grace CT 125

Grace company has not yet given information about price and other feature but they have announced their Grace CT 150 model that is expected to be introduced in the market in the year 2018.As per the rumors, it is expected that this motorbike will have an aggressive sporty design and will give a tough time to its rival in the industry like Honda CG 150 CC.As per the information from company officials grace motorbike is also working on it 125cc motorbike and it is expected that they will introduce their Grace CT 125 CC motorbike by the end of 2018.

If you want to buy any of the products by Grace motorbikes then you are invited to visit our website, where we keep on updating our valued customers with the latest available products in the market and also provide you with the option of making the comparison of Grace motorbikes with other available products in the market and help you in taking a decision that is perfect from all aspects.


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