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Ghanni Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Ghani motorbikes in Pakistan

Ghani automobiles is a project if Ghani group which they started in the year 2004.The Company launched its first 2 wheeler Ghani motorbike in the year 2005.Ghani automobiles head office is located in Model town but their manufacturing unit is working on an ideal location of Multan road.So if you are interested to buy Ghani gi 70cc or Ghani gi 70 self-start, Ghani gi 100 ccs, Ghani gi 125cc you can for sure visit our website compare on our website, you can find the Ghani bikes prices along with model specifications.

Background of company

Ghani group is one of the most established group of Pakistan with current investment in glass, mining and textile industry Ghani group has now entered in the world of automobiles with a vision to comfort the life of a common man.The average population of Pakistan is capable of only riding on two wheeler s and an enormous amount of public even can not spare amount for it as well.So, Ghani group with a vision of serving the nation with a reliable and economical mean of transportation entered into the automobile sector.

Ghani group has currently launched only a few models in order to maintain the style, comfort, and quality.But the company is enjoying a huge success and have a completion.Ghani group believe in being honest and dedicated to serving humanity.Ghani automobile group has to face a lot of competition in the market as majority of the public prefer to buy the famous bike companies like Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha.So in this competitive environment, it is very difficult to deal but Ghani group dealt with all those scenarios and is successfully climbing the steps towards excellence.Ghani group is meeting all the standards of Pakistan engineering and has also match the standards of Euro II.

Ghani group is also in the CNG Rikshaw market they have launched there CNG rickshaw with a sitting capacity of 4 persons and a patrolling capacity a 22 liter and a fuel tank with 6-liter capacity.This CNG rickshaw has a 4 gear transmission with a reverse gear as well.

Products of Ghanni group

Under the brand name of Humsafar, Ghani group has launched rikshaws which are called locally chingchi in Pakistan.This model is available with a self and a kick start as well and a sitting capacity of 6 persons at a time.They have highly captured the market and have highest sale rate in Pakistan.Then Ghani automobile is also providing its Ghani gi 100 ccs with a cabin rikshaw.This item by Ghani g is hot favorite in the market especially for small-scale businessmen and it is providing a job to many low qualified people and also it is saving time and money of small-scale businessmen.Due to its small size as compared to trucks and heavy loader Ghani 100 cc cabin rikshaw can reach everywhere without wasting one’s time and be creating a fuss.

Last but not the least product launched by Ghani automobiles is Ghani gi loader which has a heavy engine of 4 strokes air cooled.This loader is also available in both kick and self-start, transmission.Ghani group is expanding its business day by day by providing dealerships in small cities so that maximum people can approach Ghani gi 70cc, Ghani gi70 cc self-start Ghani gi 100 cc and of course different types of available rikshaws attached with these motorbikes.

Let’s have a look at models in detail so that it may help you when you are about to take a decision.

Specs and features of Ghani G1 self-start

Talking about Ghani GI 70 Self-start is equipped with 4stroked air cooled OHC cylinder with multi wet clutch plates.The bike has positive aspects of self-starter within the reasonable price of Rs 48000 only.Ghani gi 70 self-start has a petrol capacity of 9.2 liters and can attain a maximum speed of 7.0 p/s or 8500 rpm.The feature of key-less start introduced in Ghani gi 70cc self-start one of the leading motorbikes of the industry.

Specs and features of Ghanni gi 70cc

One of the other most selling Ghani gi 70 cc is available in red color and is kick start.This model is almost similar to Ghani gi 70 cc self-start and has almost the features.A perfect combination of style comfort and luxury.The bikes have a slim and stylish look and are comfortable for all areas and all types of roads to ride on.

Ghani gi 100 ccs are highly appreciated models by the public and are welcomed by the public.As compared to the features introduced in this motorbike it has a reasonable price.

If you want to know in detail about the models offered Ghani or you want to know about specifications and features along with the price range f Ghani gi 70 cc .ghani gi 70 cc self-start Ghani 100cc or Ghanni gi 125 then do visit our website and you will get all the desired information and guidance.


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