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Eagle Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Eagle Bikes in Pakistan

Eagle Group is a subsidy of Diamond group of industries the one who is famous for their mattresses.When Diamond group developed their interest in the automotive industry.They introduced themselves with the logo of Eagle Engineering group.If you are interested to buy any motorcycle of Eagle company then you should visit our website where you can find eagle bike prices.If you want to buy Eagle fire Bird DG 70.You can visit to know the eagle bike price in Pakistan and can also have a comparison of eagle bike with our available products in the market before making a final decision.

Overview and Background

Waqar Shaffi group known as one of the multinational companies which are dealing with different industries.They are well reputed in the formation of polyurethane foam, spring mattresses, Motorcycles, Bicycles, auto parts and as well in the restaurant business. Shaffi brothers developed their interest in tires and tube manufacture and opened a motorbike unit in Mir Pur Azad Kashmir during the year 2004-2010 under the name of eagle motorbikes.This unit is introduced by Mr.Yousaf Waqar who is the current CEO of Shaffi group.

Shaffi group has a vision to develop products which are in the range of their customers.They want to develop quality products within the range of customer.Eagle group has the vision that both the investors and consumers should be benefited equally and hence they are manufacturing quality motorbikes such as Eagle Fire Bolt 70 CCEagle Gold 70 CCEagle Firebolt 100 cc and Eagle prime 70cc.

The vision of Eagle Group

Eagle group is working with vision.They have aimed to develop the Pakistani economy by offering the job to a large number of people.They believe in sharing is caring which simply means that f they are flourishing their company then they also have a realization of their moral responsibility towards the society they have adjusted the eagle bike price within the range of the local middle-class person.So that people can approach it.

Eagle bike company is well aware of the fact that any company can flourish if and if its customers are satisfied as per the famous marketing strategies that customer is the god.As ow a days there is a lot of competition in the motorbikes industry even in Pakistan even there are a number of companies who are offering there product on very cheap rates So as per the competitive environment the eagle bike company is striving very to establish its reputation as one of the most liked and selling motorbikes of the country and undoubtedly as this group has gained success in there all other business sectors they are flourishing in it as well and with every coming day eagle company is welcoming a new success.The company has a approval from Pakistan engineering Board and Euro II standards.

Products of Eagle Group

Let’s have a brief overview of products launched by eagle motorbike company.Since it has been less than a decade so the company has not launched many products.But the company has worked on providing dealerships to different distributors to enhance their sales and they have tried o make it sure as well that its spare parts should be easily available in the market so that the customers should not be bothered to buy hardware.

One of the hot favorite product is Eagle firebolt 70 ccs.A combination of style and comfort with 4 strokes single cylinder engine has grasped the market with its very reasonable price range.Eagle motorbike price for this model is only 44000/.RS. The most important feature of this bike is its high resale value.This model of eagle bike has a petrol capacity of 9 liters and is available in two distinctly attractive colors black and red.This model is equipped with multi-type wet clutch plates that enhance the efficiency of eagle bikes.The feature which enhances the beauty of this motorbike is its electronically operated speedometer and telescopic hydraulic forks with coil springs that improve the grip of eagle motorbike on the road.

The with only a with a small increase in money you can get eagle fire bolt 100cc.that has OHC air cooled single cylinder.and the one other model of eagle bike is prime 70 cc for only a price of RS 41000/-.

Right now eagle bikes have introduced its only 4 models which are satisfying their customers.They have plans to introduce new models in the coming future.If you are interested to buy any model of bikes eagle bikes you are advised to visit our website, where you can find all the models of eagle bikes with here prices mentioned as well.You can also have a detailed look at all features and specifications through of course, if you want to make a comparison of eagle bike features or want to have a comparison of eagle motorbikes price with all other available brands in the market we can surely provide you with the detailed comparison and can assist you to have a wise choice according to you will and budget.


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