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DYL YD Mini 100 Dhoom Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Dhoom YD 100 bikes in Pakistan

Dhoom motorbikes have entered in Pakistani motorbike industry since year 2008 and they have successfully captured the market with their reputation as a developer of quality motorbikes in Pakistan.Dhoom motorcycles have gone through an image change in the year 2008 previously they were known by the name of Yamaha so they have a Japanese quality set up in Pakistan which will they have used for the production of their YD 100 mini Dhoom bike in Pakistan.A change in design paired with the strong and powerful engine and change in design have made their DYL mini 100 2018 an attractive product in the market.Dhoom motorcycles are not new to the market so they are well aware of demands and requirements of the Pakistani public.Dhoom motorbikes is basically a  subsidy of Yamaha bikes where their Pakistani engineers have worked to design a bike on according to the requirement of Pakistani market and have introduced their all-new Dhoom YD 70 CC bike in Pakistan a quality product in its segment that has given a hard time to its rivals in the market.

Background and a roadway to success

Dhoom motorcycles have been operating in Pakistan since 1976 but they were operating under the umbrella of Dawood Group of companies who actually became the source and they invited Yamaha from Japan to enter the Pakistani market.For years they have been operating under Dawood Yamaha Group as they were permitted to assemble some bikes from Yamaha in Pakistan so they established a well organized and quality plant in Pakistan where they were assembling Yamaha bikes in Pakistan.When we talk about nineteens in Pakistan we notice that people were stucked to some specific brands and they were not ready to take a chance with new companies but now they have switched and they have started surfing market for more innovation and quality with  reasonable price as well so following the trend Dawood Yamaha group went through image change and entered the market with the name of Dhoom or DYL motorbikes in Pakistan there first effort was a 70 cc bike and with the success of  their first effort they have moved towards their second effort with the introduction of new YD 100 Dhoom bike as well.It is expected that these efforts for Yamaha will be fruitful and will be able to reshape their image in Pakistani market.It is compulsory to mention here that although we try our level best to provide accurate information but still to err is human so minor changes in models can be there.

Specs and features of Dhoom YD 100 2018 in Pakistan

YD 100 Dhoom is another effort by Yamaha Dhoom bike who are proud to offer their bike in 100 range as well with a reasonable price in the market.Yamaha Dhoom has powered their 100cc Yamaha bike with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled strong and powerful engine.YD 100 Dhoom 2018 has wet type multi-plate clutch with a 4 gear transmission.Yamaha Dhoom 100 cc  2018 is available in kickstart mode and company has modified the looks of this bike and has tried to give it a more appealing and stylish look as compared to its previous models.Keeping in view the comfort of rider Yamaha Dhoom YD 100 cc bike has a comfortable seat design both for the rider and driver as well.Yamaha Dhoom bikes have always been a favourite choice of customers due to its powerful engine and now they have adjusted a fuel tank of 9.5 litre capacity that is enough and comfortable for even to go on a long route.Dhoom YD mini 100 cc has a net weight of 90.5 kg which makes it easy and comfortable for handling even for new bikers.Yamaha Dhoom 100 cc mini is available in vibrant red colour with attractive graphics on the fuel tank that has enhanced its looks.Yamaha has always been famous for strong and powerful shocks and they have maintained their this quality over here in Yamaha Dhoom mini 100 cc bike and has used strong and powerful shocks in it.Quality tires by Yamaha help Yamaha Dhoom YD mini 100 2018 bike to have an excellent grip on the road.And interestingly the price of this quality Dhoom100 cc 2018 bike in Pakistan is only 64,900 which is very reasonable as compared to other bikes of this segment.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Yamaha Dhoom has created an environment of competition for 100 cc  market and has become a tough rivals for the bikes like United US Jazba 100 cc bike,2018 Honda Pridor Yamaha Dhoom YD 100 cc 2018 lie in between these two bikes if we compare them price vice but it has an excellent fuel economy and competitive price.

As per the reviews from those who own a Yamaha Dhoom YD 100 cc 2018 bike it has a strong and powerful engine but they have suggested improving its design and secondly, lack of service station for Dhoom bikes is also an issue.

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