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DYL Dhoom YD70 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Dhoom YD 70 Bike in Pakistan

During the last twenty years, Pakistani industry has passed through revolutionary changes and has entered a new world of innovation with extreme competition in prices as well as quality.A large number of companies have stepped into the sector and are offering a wide range of variety in bikes some are equipped with the latest instrumentation while others are having extraordinarily reasonable in short it has become a challenge for the new companies to build an environment of trust for them in the market.Dhoom motorbikes called as DYL are not new previously they were under the umbrella of Yamaha Japan but in 2008 they have been through the transformation of name and have entered with a new name and range called as DYL motorcycles in Pakistan.For the first time, they introduced they DYL 70 CC bike in Pakistan.They have also entered in 100 cc segment with their DYL Junnon 100 cc bike in Pakistan.And along with that, they have also introduced their YD mini 100 cc bike in Pakistan.

Background and roadway to success in Pakistan

DYL bikes are not new to the Pakistani industry or it is not like this that they are not aware of trends in Pakistani market.They are functional in Pakistan since 1976 only the difference lies in a sense that previously they were operating under the Umbrella of Dawood Yamaha Group of industries.They were directly committed to Yamaha Japan and as a result of which their plant at Pakistan was fully equipped with world class facilities that were almost the same as that of Japanese Yamaha product.They were not earlier in smaller cc segment bikes but with the changing trends in Pakistani market they also decided to enter in and they went through an image change and introduced their all-new 70 cc bike in 2008 with the title of DYL motorcycles.Later with a gap of short span, they also offered their 100 cc bikes also these bikes are designed and manufactured in Pakistan but as they have been following the Japanese standards so their quality is competitive as compared to other local assembler or Chinese bikes in Pakistan.Keeping in view the average range of public DYL motorcycles have paid special attention to keep control n their prices and are offering reasonable prices of their DYL bikes in Pakistan.In coming future it is expected that DYL bikes will also enter in other segments as well with their powerful engine and attractive designs.

Specs and Features Dhoom YD 70 cc bike in Pakistan

Dhoom motorcycles proudly introduce their all-new powerful and Eco no friendly 4 stroke air cooled engine with a displacement of 70 cc bike.Dhoom YD 70 2018 has a wet type clutch plate and a 4gear transmission. Dhoom YD70 is available for kickstart transmission.Dhoom YD 70 2018 is currently available in kickstart mode.Dhoom motorcycles have offered their Dhoom YD 70 2018 equipped with the latest instrumentation and strong powerful engine specs along with the engine they have given a nice look to their bike that makes it look elegant on the road.As per the average healthy public weight Dhoom motorcycles has designed their bikes with the wide seat so that the rider and driver both can enjoy comfortably.Dhoom YD 70 2018  has a net dry weight of 83 kg which helps the bike to maintain balance during the sharp turns on the road. Dhoom bikes have paid special attention to make this bike look very appealing and that’s why they have decorated their DYL motorbikes with appealing graphics on the fuel tank.The fuel tank of Dhoom motorbikes has a capacity of the 9-litre fuel tank with or an eco-friendly engine it is enough for a long route.Use of strong powerful shocks in Dhoom YD 70 2018 use this bike very strong and powerful. Dhoom YD70 bike is available in vibrant red colour which is a sign of valour.And the price of Dhoom YD70 2018 in Pakistan is only RS 48,500 which is very competitive as compared to other 70 cc bikes in Pakistan.and as to err is human so there can be minor changes in information depending on models and availability.

Rivals and Final Verdict

Dhoom motorcycles in has given a strong competition in market to other 70 cc bikes like Crown CR 70, Superpower SP 70, Ravi Humsafar 70 and many other all these bikes have same engine specs but their price and quality differ and out of these bike Dhoom YD 70 2018 has formed a name because of its quality production.

As per the reviews from those who own a 7oe cc Dhoom bike they have appreciated company effort for a strong engine and quality parts but some of the issues have been reported regarding service centres that company operated Service centres are not easily available and secondly people have recommended improving the design of Dhooom 70 cc bike.

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