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DYL Dhoom YD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan - Pictures and Specs

Rs. 48,500

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DYL Dhoom YD70 2018 Price in Pakistan

DYL Motorcycles have recently introduced their new graphics 70cc motorbike by the name of DYL Dhoom YD70 2018 in Pakistan. They have designed this motorbike by keeping in mind the latest demands by the consumers of Pakistan. The price of 2018 DYL Dhoom YD70 in Pakistan is Rs. 48,500 which is quite fair and reasonable as compared to other local brand 70cc bikes in the market. The 70cc bikes of different brands that will give this bike by DYL a tough competition in the Pakistan Motorbike Industry are Honda CD70 2018, Crown CR70 2018, Ravi Hamsafar 70 2018, Super Power SP70 2018, Power PK70 2018 and many other local brand 70cc motorbikes in Pakistan.

DYL Dhoom YD70 2018

Major Specs and Features of 2018 DYL Dhoom YD70 in Pakistan

2018 DYL Dhoom YD70 is equipped with a 4-stroke single cylinder 70cc engine, which has the ability to give a fuel economy of 50-60kmpl with ease. This bike by DYL Motorcycles is a pure combination of reliability, speed, and acceleration. DYL Dhoom YD70 is considered to be the ideal companion for the consumers of Pakistan on all types of roads in Pakistan. Here are some of the most known pros and cons of the new YD70 Dhoom 2018:


  • Economical Price
  • Efficient fuel economy
  • Powerful shocks
  • Comfortable seat
  • Appealing graphics
  • Available only in red color
  • Durable build quality


  • Lack of service centers
  • Available in just one color

Launch Date and Price of 2018 New DYL Dhoom YD70 in Pakistan

DYL Motorcycles have already launched their new design Dhoom YD70 2018 in Pakistan at an economical price of Rs.48,500.

Comparison of New 2018 DYL Dhoom YD70 with Others

Reasonable price and efficient fuel economy are the main features that help this 70cc bike by DYL Motorcycles to rank on top of all other brand 70cc bikes in Pakistan.

Power PK 70 2018                Rs.40,500               Engine: 70cc             Fuel Economy: 55-60kmpl

Super Power SP 70 2018     Rs.45,500               Engine: 70cc             Fuel Economy: 50-60kmpl

Buyers who want to buy this bike by DYL after performing a detailed comparison with other 70cc bikes of different brands available in Pakistan, click here Compare 70cc Bikes. Furthermore, if you like to check the prices of competitors 70cc bikes in Pakistan, click here Bikes.


  • Engine Displacement (CC)


  • Transmission

    4 speed

  • Starting

    kick start

  • Petrol Capacity


  • Cylinder


Engine features
  • Engine

    4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled

  • Bore & Stroke

    47.0 x 41.4 mm

  • Compression Ratio


  • Cooling System


  • Engine Displacement (CC)


  • Reserve Fuel Capacity


  • Petrol Capacity


  • Tyre at Front


  • Tyre at Back


  • Frame

    backbone type

  • Dimension (LxWxH)

    1915 mm x 765 mm x 1000 mm

  • Dry Weight


Other features
  • Clutch

    Wet Type multiplate

  • Ground Clearance

    135 mm

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DYL Dhoom YD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan - Pictures and Specs

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DYL Dhoom YD 70 2018 Price in Pakis

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