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DYL Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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DYL bikes in Pakistan

DYL motors that originally stood as Dawood Yamaha limited is a merger between Dawood Group of companies and Yamaha motors Japan companys joint venture started in 1976.They have been serving Pakistani industry with the manufacture of their quality bikes for more than thirty years and their plant in Pakistan is in Hub Chowki where near to it is its sister company Baluchistan engineering Works (BEML)

Which are involved in the manufacture of frameworks, fuel tank, rear arm, fender, hubs, gear, crank and cover case?IN 2008 company underwent an image change and entered the market with the name of DYL bikes in Pakistan.Currently, they have their plant in Uthal where they are assembling their products according to Japanese Yamaha bike standard.

Products offered by DYL bikes in Pakistan  DYL motorbikes have established their set up in Pakistan and they reentered the market with the introduction of their YD-70 Dhoom bike which is basically an upgradation of their YB-100 Royal which was already offered in the market from last thirty years.The major issue was that people started looking for innovation so Dhoom Yamaha limited followed their demand and started offering range in different segments accordingly with controlled prices in Pakistan.They have also stepped in 100 cc  segment with the introduction of their two very stylish products the first being Dhoom YD mini 100 cc and DYL Junoon 100 cc bike both have produced an environment of tough competition for its rivals in 100 cc segment and the story of Yamaha motors does not end here they have also offered its sporty looking sports bike in Pakistan by the name of DYL YD-125 sport bike  in Pakistan which is a unique product in its category.Before you decide to own a DYL bike lets have a brief review of products offered under the brand name of DYL motorcycle.

Specs and Features of DYL Dhoom 70 cc By DYL motorbikes

DYL motorcycle has entered in Pakistani market back in 2008 with their first product as DYL Dhoom 70 cc bike powered with a 4 stroke single cylinder engine that can have a displacement of 72 ccs at a time a new revolution in 70 cc segment.DYL motorcycles have offered their Dhoom 70 cc 2018 only in red colour a sign of valour.Dhoom 70 cc 2018 has a wet type clutch and a 4 gear transmission.DYL motorcycles have decorated their 70 cc Dhoom with stylish company sticker on the fuel tank that has a capacity of 9 litres at a time.Dhoom YD 70 2018 in Pakistan is available at a very reasonable price of only 48,500 and thus because of its quality an powerful engine it has given a tough time to its rivals in the market.

Specs and Features of DYL 100 cc bikes in Pakistan

DYL Motorcycle has leapt into 100 cc segment of Pakistani industry with their DYL mini 100 cc bike and Junoon 100 cc bike in Pakistan.Both have 4 strokes single cylinder air cooled engine with the displacement of 100 ccs. These bikes have multi wet type clutch and 4 gear transmission runs smoothly on the road The 2018 DYL bikes are available in attractive colours and stylish graphics currently they are offering their Dhoom mini 100 ccs in red colour and their stylish Junoon 100 cc bike in Black colour.These two Bikes by Dhoom Yamaha Limited are designed elegantly and on competitive price as compared to other bikes in 100 cc market.


Specs and Features of DYL Sports bike 2018

Dhoom Yamaha limited is well aware of market trends so they have not overlooked their 125 segments and has offered their Sports bike that has a powerful Mighty 125 cc OHV Euro II engine that is sculpted with a downforce design.DYL has enhanced the look of their bike with a racy front headlight and built-in LED Flasher.Dhoom sports bike 2018  has been improved by the use of 12.5-liter large fuel tank and while coming toward the instrumentation of DYL sports bike they have decorated with stylish speedometer, with fuel gauge indicator and RPM Gauge indicator as well.DYL bikes are offering comfortable chrome seat in their sporty 125 bikes.They are offering this stylish bike in Black, Red and Black colour.

Rivals and Final Verdict

DYL motorbikes have proved a tough rival for the companies like Honda and United who are leading Pakistani industry because of course DYL motorbikes are prepared on Japanese technology and Dhoom Yamaha Limited are not new to the market so they are well aware of the trends and they have offered their product accordingly.Secondly, DYL bikes have offered their bikes at the competitive price as compared to other bikes in the market this has been a major reason for their success.

Some of the reviews have been reported regarding an average build quality and lack of service centres expectedly company is working on these issues and will overcome them soon.

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