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Crown  Self Start 70 cc Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Crown Self Start 70 cc bike in Pakistan

One of the leading Chinese motorbike manufacturer and assembler in Pakistan that has established their name and reputation with the production of quality products and is continuously serving the Pakistani nation since 2002 is Crown motors who proudly introduce their Crown self-start 70 cc bike a new innovation and benchmark for 70 cc bikes segment in Pakistan.Crown motors have entered in the market with a vision to provide products that will be a benchmark for another manufacturer in the market that’s why they have offered a wide range of variety especially in70 cc segment as majority in Pakistan is tended towards buying a 70 cc bike so they have offered their three variants Crown 70 cc, Crown Jazba 70cc and last but not the least latest stylish Crown Self start 70cc bike in Pakistan.In a country like Pakistan where income per capita is very low and it is very important for everyone to own a transportation of its own then whether it is a bike it should be available to them keeping it in mind crown motors have offered their Crown 100 cc bike and 125CC bike on very reasonable prices so that everyone should be able to avail it.

Background and a Blazing feature

Crown motor from a small city of Sadiq Abad started serving Pakistani community since 2002 and has been serving this nation.Crown motors have tried to comfort every Pakistani with an average by providing a product in their range and now they have formed a strong dealership network throughout Pakistan so that their products should be in the access of every Pakistani.Crown motors have not overlooked the importance of the relationship of customers with the company that’s why they have established a strong customer care network for sorting out the issues reported by the public.During last few years people have a tendency to surf the market before they finalize anything so company have paid attention to this trend and tried to introduce variety to satisfy customers in the market.Crown motors have also entered into auto Rikshaw development segment and are offering a wide range of variety of Rickshaw and thus playing their role in providing a job opportunity to many illiterates in Pakistan.We through our website try not to commit any mistake but to err is human and hence any change in the specification can be there depending on the availability of model.

Specs and Features of Crown Self start 70 cc bike in Pakistan

Crown motorcycles have introduced their new Crown self-start 70 cc bikes powered with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine that can produce a displacement of 70cc.Crown self-start 70 cc has a multi wet type and is available with a 4 gear transmission.Crown Lifan has offered their new self-start 70 ccs 2018 with a self-start system.Keeping in view the heavy public weights in Pakistan Crown Lifan has designed its Crown self-start 70 ccs 2018 with a comfortable design so that the rider and the driver both can sit comfortably even on a long ride.Crown Lifan has decorated its new Self Start 70 cc bike 2018 with an attractive and colourful graphics on fuel tanks as well as on side covers which make it look different from any other bike brand in Pakistan.Currently, Crown motors are offering Black and red colour in their new Crown Self start 70 2018 in Pakistan.Crown is offering its Self-start 70 cc 2018 in Pakistan for a price of only 50,000 Rs which is very competitive as compared to other products of this category in Pakistan.When we talk about an average income person in Pakistan than its very obvious that for them average economy matters a lot so they have paid attention to it and have maid their Crown Self start 70 ccs a very fuel efficient bike.A net weight of 82 kg help Crown Self start 70 cc bike to maintain its balance on road and the quality tire used by the company enhances the grip of tires on road.

Rivals and the Final Verdict

Crown self-start has given a hard time to its rivals like Honda CD 70 2018.Especially because of its price because the price of Crown Self start 70 cc 2018 is much less than Honda although both have same engine specification this has been a major reason for the success of crown self-start 2018 in Pakistan.

As per the reviews from those who own a Self-start 70cc bike they have prised the average mileage of bike but complains have been reported regarding the average build quality of body parts company is working on these issues and the coming future it is expected that company will overcome this issue.Then another drawback of this bike is its average resale value.

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