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Crown  Jabza 70 cc Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Crown Jazba 70cc bike in Pakistan

Crown motors are one of the leading motorbike manufacturer and assemblers in Pakistan who has successfully built their name and reputation in Pakistani automotive industry by the production of their quality products.During the last two decade, an immense trend has been noticed towards buying Chinese assembled and manufactured bikes in Pakistan and people also have switched towards checking price and buying economical bikes.Keeping in view the demand of trends of Pakistani public Crown motors have started introduction of bikes in Pakistan with quality and reasonable price in Pakistan.For their 70 cc segments, they have introduced a wide range of bikes like Crown 70 cc, Crown Jazba 70 cc and Crown 70 cc self-start bike in Pakistan.All these three bikes are different in design and have different features as well and it is expected that they will contribute to developing a better reputation for crown motors in Pakistan.Crown motors have not overlooked its 100 cc segment and have offered their Crown 100 cc bike and last but not the least Crown motors have also entered in 125 segments by offering their Crown 125 cc bike.

Background and a bright future

Crown motors initiated in Pakistan back in 2002 when Chinese bike succeeded in Pakistan and they started receiving acceptance from market.And during last  few years, they have formed a reputation in Pakistani market with the establishment of strong dealership network as well.They are operating through out the country Cown motors have established their setup with the formation of a large unit that has a capacity of producing 15,000 units per month as per the demand the production may increase to 20,000 units per month it clearly picture their success story in Pakistan.People at crown motors are destined towards the production of an excellent quality product with a limited budget as they have to keep in mind the demand of an average middle class family.The company is highly oriented towards the production of a better relationship between company and customers that’s why they have started many customer care centers.Crown motors have entered with a vision to produce a quality that form the bench mark for other companies to offer a product of this standard.Crown motorcycles have their head office in Sadiq Abad and along with the production of motorbikes, they have also entered in offering Auto Rikshaws with increased used of it for  transportation in Pakistan.We through our website do not claim perfection in the information we are providing as to err is human.

Specs and Features of Crown Jazba 70 cc 2018 in Pakistan

Crown motorcycles proudly announces their new and fully equipped with latest features Crown Jabza 70 cc 2018 in Pakistan.Crown Jabza 70 cc has a powerful 4 stroke single cylinder engine that is able to produce even displacement of 78 cc.Crown 70 cc Jazba 2018 has multi wet type plate with 4 gear transmission.Crown 70cc, Jabza  has a unique and elegant color scheme and stands unique in 70 cc segment due to its innovative color scheme.70 cc 2018 Jazba is avaialble in Red, Black, Blue and Grey color.Another unique feature of Jazba 70 cc 2018 is its colorful graphics on the fuel tank and side covers that add on to the value of Jazba 70cc 2018.Crown motor have paid attention to the design of the seat and has made their Crown Jazba 70 cc as comfortable as it can be both for rider and the driver as well.It is currently available in kick start system.Jazba 70  2018 has strong and powerful shocks to run smoothly on roads of Pakistan where there are bumps every where.A fuel tank with the sufficent capacity of 9 liters can help you go comfortably even on a long route without the tension of refill.When it come to a normal range person then obviously fuel economy matters best to make Crown Jazba 70 cc 2018 engine fuel efficient as compared to other 70 cc bikes available in the market.A net weight of 82 kg help to improve the balance of Jazba 70 cc on road.The price of Jazba 70 cc in the market is around 42,000 which is very competitive as compared to other 70 cc bikes  available in the market.

Rivals and the Final verdict

Crown motors have offered its Jazba 70cc 2018 on a very competitive price in the market and it has given competition to bikes like Power PK 70 cc 2017 and Super Star 70 2017 they both are available in almost the same price range.

As per the reviews from the customer who already own a Jazba 70 cc 2018 bike this bike is good when it comes to engine and fuel economy yet they expect a more stylish design and another reported issue is its average build quality and average resale value Crown motor have taken notice of these reported issues and its is expected that soon they will overcome with these issues.

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