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Crown CR 100 Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Crown CRLF 100 cc bike in Pakistan

Crown motorcycles which are often called as crown lifan in Pakistan is among many companies who have entered in Pakistan motorbike industry with the help during the last decade and are striving hard to develop their reputation in Pakistani market as the developer of quality bikes with reasonable price in Pakistan.Crown motors have strived hard as when they entered the market at that time general public of Pakistan was not ready to take a chance with any company in Pakistan they were destined to buy specific brands like Honda, Yamaha and other like.So Crown motor faced a lot of reluctance from the market but over the time and with continuous effort finally, they have succeeded to develop a reputation and sense of trust among locals of Pakistan.In Pakistan they have offered a wide range of variety in even 70 ccs they have offered Crown 70 cc, Crown Jazba 70 cc and Crown Self start all these are 70 cc bikes with the difference in price and design and are successfully selling in the market.

Crown motors have also entered in their 100 cc segment by an introduction of their Crown CRLF 100 CC 2018 in Pakistan.And of course, keeping in view the interest of Pakistani youth Crown motors have also entered in 125 segments with their Crown 125 cc bike in Pakistan.

Background and a bright future

Crown motors entered in Pakistan motorbike industry since 2002 with a vision to provide an excellent product to Pakistani market with reasonable price as well.In a country like Pakistan it is very important to own a private transport because here per capita income is very low so general public is unable to afford a car easily in this regard every one is looking for a product that has reasonable price range along with quality as well and crown motors have done this very easily.Crown motors have also paid to engines of their bike and have tried hard t make them as much effect as they can be.The story does not here they are from Saiqa Abad but they have formed a strong dealership network throughout Pakistan to send their products everywhere in Pakistan.One can estimate their success that they have an average production of around 15,000 products every month that is more than enough for a company.Crown motor have paid attention to their valued customers and have established a strong customer care relationship in the town.Last but not the least we through our website try not to commit any mistake but to err is human so if there can be the change in specifications depending on the availability of model.

Specs and Features of Crown CRLF 100 cc bikes in Pakistan

Crown motors proudly offer their Crown CRLF 100 CC 2018 bike in Pakistan that is fully equipped with latest specifications and features and a new innovative design as well.Crown CRLF 100 cc has been powered with a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled that can produce a displacement of 100cc.Crown CRLF 100 2018 has the multi wet type clutch plate with a 4 gear transmission.Crown Lifan has given an appealing and stylish design to its new Crown CRLF 100 2018 in Pakistan.Crown CRLF 100 2018 has a comfortable seat design both for rider and the driver to make long distance routes even cover comfortably.A special attention has been paid to the engine of Crown Lifan CRLF 100 2018 engine to make it more efficient and powerful as compared to other 100 cc bikes available in the market.CRLF 100 2018 has colourful fender with a stylish black exhaust on the back that adds on to the look of CRLF 100 CC bike in Pakistan.CRLF 100 cc 2018 has a stylish headlight with the mask on it that gives this bike a sporty look and have added to the look of this bike.Crown CRLF 100 2018 has currently Black and Red colours in it with appealing graphics on the fuel tank and side covers that give it a stylish look.CRLF 100 2018 has a reasonable price in Pakistan that is only 52,500.

Rivals and the Final Verdict

CRLF 100 cc 2018 by Crown lifan has given a tough to other company 100 cc bikes like that of Superpower SP 100 Awami bike and United US Jazba 100cc bike in Pakistan.These two bikes have almost the same engine specifications but their designs are different and this factor has contributed a lot to the increased bike price in Pakistan.

As per the reviews from the customer who owns a Crown CRLF 100 cc bike in Pakistan, they have appreciated the average mileage and comfortable seat design of bike but along with that complains from the public regarding an average build quality has also been reported company is working on it and expectedly they will improve it with time. Secondly, Crown CRLF 100 2018 has an average resale value In Pakistan.

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