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Asia Hero Motor Bikes in Pakistan

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Asia Hero bikes in Pakistan

Asia Hero bikes are locally manufactured bikes for the local public of Pakistan.The Asia hero motorcycles have recently started introducing their few models in the market namely Asia Hero CDI 70, Asia Hero 125cc self-start, Asia  Hero 125 and Asia Hero Deluxe 70 cc.If you want to know about specification and feature of these Asia Hero bikes you should visit our website where you can find the detail of all these bikes and can take a better decision for your future.

In the last twenty years motorbikes industry has passed through immense changes including a lot of national and Internationale investors have invested in this industry some are manufacturing locally others are making products by making a merger with foreign has become hard to survive in motorbikes until and unless you have something very extraordinary to introduce.Asia hero motorbikes are among one of these striving companies who is working very hard to move in this industry.Let’s have look at Asia Hero bikes specifications and features briefly before taking any decision.

Specifications and Features of Asia hero Deluxe 70 cc 2018

This motorbike by Asia hero motorbikes has a 4 stroke single   cylinder with an average

Engine displacement of 70 ccs.Asia hero deluxe 70 cc has multi wet clutch plates with an attractive graphics on the fuel tank and a wide fuel tank having a capacity of 10-litre fuel.This model by Asia hero bike has given a stylish look with an uplifted front headlight.This model has a 4 gear manual transmission with a kickstart.And all these comforts are available to you only for a price range of 50000RS. Which is quite reasonable as compared to the qualities this bike by Asia hero bikes is offering to you.

Specs and features of Asia Hero CD1 70

Asia hero bikes have also introduced their CDI 70 model by the name of  Asia Hero CDI 70

The price for this model 2018  is only 43000 that is nominal as compared to other rivals like CD 70, Pak Hero 2018, power PK70 2018 and many others.The most promising feature of this Asia hero motorcycle is its extraordinary fuel mileage that is around 50-60 km per litre.This Asia hero motorbike has been designed by keeping in view the comfort of the local public with a comfortable seat and extraordinary road grip of tyres.This motorbike has an aggressive look with appealing graphics on the fuel tank.

Specs and feature of Asia hero 125cc

Asia hero motorbikes have introduced their 125cc 2018 bike with a competitive price of only 65000RS.This new model by asia hero 125  cc  is quipped with a 4 stroke Air cooled cylinder with a maximum displacement of 125 cc .Bike has 5 gear transmission with appealing graphics on the fuel tank and has a petrol capacity of around 12 litre.This bike is heavy in weight which make it save to maintain its balance on bumpy roads and let it rider enjoy a comfortable ride and has an average weight of around 130kg.This bike has  wide backbone frame especially designed for the persons with heavy weight to let them enjoy a comfortable fast ride

Specs and Features of Asia Hero 125cc self-start

With growing competition in the motorbike industry, it’s not possible for some one to establish himself so easily so in order to compete Asia hero motorbikes have introduced their Asia Hero 125cc self starter   which make it different as compare to other available products in the market.This Asia hero 2018 motorbike is equipped with a 4 stroke air cooled cylinder and provide an extra ordinary average displacement of 125 c c.This bike by Asia hero motorbikes is elegantly designed to comfort it rider by providing a comfortable sear.Other innovations involves stylish headlight and attractive graphics on the fuel tank.This bike has a 5 gear transmission and an average weight of around 130 kg that help to sustain pressure on difficult routes.This Asia hero motorbike is available only for a price of

75,000 RS which s far more competitive to its rivals that has even same features like Honda CG 125CC, Power Pk 125 cc and many others.

As Asia Hero motorbikes in Pakistan is a new company so regarding they have many lacks which are generally unavailability of spare parts, Lack of service stations and also their are some complains for body quality the Asia hero bike company is striving hard to overcome these issues.

If yo are interested to buy any of these models by Asia hero bikes we will recommend you to visit our website where ou can see details of every model of Asia hero bikes in Pakistan. You can see their prices as well and before making a decision you should compare the product of your choice with other available products in the market to avoid any regret.


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