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Xiaomi Redmi 6A Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Xiaomi Redmi 6A is a beautiful budget smartphone you can buy at very affordable price. Along with Redmi 6, the company has introduced this a little more inexpensive smartphone. Xiaomi Redmi 6 came to replace the predecessor somehow very early-only six months for the change of generations had to. How much has the device managed to acquire in such a short time? Some device is considered even as downgrade, although it is not quite fair. Reducing the screen diagonal from 5.7 "to 5.45 " while saving HD + resolution-Is it bad? On the contrary, decent, camera middling in a compact version-just what the market is sorely lacking. Spades both more than enough. The frames on the sides of the screen have increased. Yes, probably not everyone will be pleased.

Mid-Range Specs

Xiaomi phones have been good sucessor for many years. Chipset Snapdragon 450 changed completely fresh, announced at the end of May platform MediaTek Helio P22. The chipset is created with the use of 12 nanometer technological TSMC FinFET, has 8 cores with a top frequency of 2 GHz and has artificial intelligence. The amount of memory is good. Options two: 3 GB of speed paired with a 32-gigabyte built-in drive and 4GB RAM + 64 GB ROM. From the younger, 2 GB + 16 GB, refused, for this there is a younger model-Xiaomi Redmi 6a. Slot expansion is, but requires sacrifice, because it occupies the place of the second SIM slot. Noticeable acquisition of Xiaomi REDMI 6-double main camera. 12 MP + 5 MP is probably not a masterpiece of the photo-industry, but more interesting than the lone 12-megapixel photo-module of the predecessor. Front-5-megapixel, flash removed. Artificial intelligence is trained not only to recognize the scene during photography, but also to count the calories of the dish, translate from language to language and recalculate the currency at the rate. The set of functions of the smartphone includes a voice helper based on AI.

Lowered the capacity of the battery-from 3300 mAh to 3000 mAh. It is, of course, a pity, it does not happen superfluous. Probably, the reason should be searched in the new chipset, than "thinner " technological, the lower power consumption. There's a fingerprint scanner. There is also a function of face recognition. The price of the junior modification is not high, around PKR 15000. A similar modification of Xiaomi Redmi 5 on the sales strategy was estimated at around PKR 18000, so that progress is evident. Version with 4GB of RAM and 64-gigabyte drive will cost around PKR 20000.

You can pick the phone in four colors, Silver, Golden, blue, pink. Xiaomi Redmi 6a to bind to preceded him Xiaomi Redmi 5a no longer get, it is a completely different device. So alienate from Xiaomi Redmi 6, trimmed down version of the phone. The screen and battery are the same: Xiaomi Redmi 6a turned out to be one of the very inexpensive smartphones. Of course, less memory-2GB of RAM, a 16 GB drive. Modestly, the main camera-single, 13-megapixel, but not without its advantages. There is a system of fast autofocus PDAF and electronic stabilization when shooting video. Front camera-5 MP. The most interesting thing in Xiaomi Redmi 6a-A new, unused chipset Madiatek Helio A22, announced with the smartphone. Now it is clear that this is exactly Xiaomi Redmi 6a figured in benchmark under the luxury name Xiaomi. MediaTek Helio A22-something with four cores Cortex-A53 frequency of 2 GHz, created by 12-nanometrology using. The curious chipset, in the idea, should be very moderately eaten. It is impossible to say anything about the schedule until Madiatek issued only a meager class PowerVR GE. But here too, there is a small artificial intelligence, thanks to which even a very modest Xiaomi Redmi 6a can boast AI-camera and voice Ai-helper, and not worse than the older brother determines the caloric content of food and recalculates the exchange rates.

A budget-friendly phone

In Xiaomi Redmi 6a There is no fingerprint scanner, but there is a unlock on the face. Xiaomi Redmi 6A is available for just around PKR 10,000. For such money-a very interesting device. The set of colors is the same-silver, golden, blue, pink. Apparently again there will be versions-as at Redmi 5a-with one combo tray and one combo + Sim tray. Here on a photo, it is visible 2 slots-one SIM + a flash drive and the second under SIM. It is necessary to see which of versions are with two trays-if the Chinese with support 3g CDMA-should be taken as with a flash memory enough and at the same time are very necessary 2 SIM-cards.

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